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    Fair play to the lad he seems a totally different player from last season been very impressed with him.SP seems to be getting the best out if him.A Scotland call cannot be far away.
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    Ricoh attendance with the current results & form ?

    Pushing 20k my guess ???
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    Is the end near ?

    Anyone think slowly but surely bit by bit more and more pressure is being put on SISU constant leaked documents showing what they have been upto & now possibly facing legal prosecutions... If I was fisher I would be out of here SHARPISH !!!
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    More documents leaked !!!

    Just seen on "Coventry City" Facebook page there's some new documents leaked from transfers of players showing Tim fishers's "we inherited the players location within the club" to be lies not sure how to post a link on my phone maybe someone else can post it up on here for all to see ?
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    IF we actually did sell anyone ?

    Would it of gone to pay of Administartion debts etc ???
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    Just a theory...

    If ACL,CCC,Haskell & Byng etc all want SISU gone why don't they form one big consortium ask SISU their price & buy CCFC ??? It's becoming clear that maybe these people haven't got the funds to buy CCFC on their own...I think they would of done so by now if they had the funds,so why not join...
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    Seppala - Sinclaire interview ?

    Reading different reports on here about what was or wasn't said seen a few comments saying Joy said she would sell the club or Summin song them lines did anyone catch any of this talk ?
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    Sheff Utd - Callum Wilson

    Sheff Utd considering a move for Callum Wilson... Pretty safe to say that will be him Gone if true...
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    Weak Minded Fans...

    Tbh I can't actually get over some of the stuff I'm reading on here I'm pretty speechless at some of it. Who would of thought so many fans would Just roll over for SISU & start to crawl back,this forum is flooded with people now trying to justify themselves going to Northampton.Pretty shambolic...
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    SISU handing tickets out to Northampton Fans :-/

    Just had my m8 on the phone who lives in Northampton with his family & tells me he knows a lot of NTFC fans have been offered free tickets to Sixfields on Sunday for CCFC - Preston...makes sense tbh I've heard since day before Bristol game fisher & co were doing this... Talk about DESPERATE !!!
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    Telegraph response to Northampton advertisement...

    Just had a phone call with some guy to do with the sports side of things,I asked why have they printed that spread today considering their on board the "keep cov on cov" campaign etc... His response was they fully understand how this looks but if someone wants to pay for advertisement they...
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    Tomorrow is the start !!!

    Monday Tomorrow....after Fridays revelation is anyone optimistic the football league have grown some balls & backbone & are ready to do what's right along with Paul Appleton ???
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    Stuart Linnell is a Muppet !!!

    Wish this Prick would Jog On everytime I listen to him he sounds up SISU's arse... Jobsworth Doughnut !!!
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    Haskell buys half Ricoh & CCFC rumour - Facebook

    Just seen this on coventry city Facebook page ????
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    Screening "home" games back to The Ricoh

    Is this a possibility for ACL to do ???
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    All this "I'm supporting the players" Rubbish

    Listen they support themselves their big boys who earn a hell of a lot more than us ask yourself this - If you was in the shit would they support you ??? BOYCOTT NORTHAMPTON & Cut off SISU's Income your only prolonging the suffering for the rest of Coventry !!!
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    Ok - Next Protest ???

    Ideas people - Preston "home" 24/08/13 Jimmy's Hill ???
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    Preston Haskell at the Council yesterday ?

    Just seen this from Coventry City's Facebook status update...
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    Only way back To Ricoh is if they make a deal in afraid...

    Really can't see anyway back to The Ricoh unless SISU & ACL can make a deal ASAP the longer this goes on the more unlikely a return is...
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    Tim Fisher - "you'll be back after 3 matches"

    Just read on cov mad website fisher thinks the protest & boycott won't last and we will be back supporting them in Northampton after 3 games... Thinks were weak by the sounds of it...