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    Yep, Somewhere.:claping hands:
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    Uwe Rosler

    So, what your saying is, if you want to be manager of CCFC you have pay SISU. Fuck me Grendal, I didn't know that. Thanks for being the fount of all Knowledge on here.:jerkit::o:(
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    Crewe Alex maybe a lesson

    That's not really an accurate picture. The BBC suggest that the last 5 games have generated 51 shots in total but only 20 were on target. Now if I'm not mistaken an average of 4 shots on target in a game is 'lacking attacking power' by any measure.
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    Pressley's lot!

    Can't disagree. we still have only 15-18 shit players on the books though
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    Pressley's lot!

    We don't have 30 40 shit players, that's one of the problems, we only have 15-18 shit players.
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    What's to sell

    Of course there are others, Cutting edge CEO in Waggot, Masterful Manager, and The great supremo Timmy to say but three. They would all be part of the sale:jerkit:
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    Dear Sisu

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    Sell quick before we hit the bottom of the cycle.

    I am not sure why you feel that the deal was 'Altered'. I think that Wasps owners came in and negotiated a deal that worked for both parties. Is it the thought that intelligent folk can sit down and work out ways of working together that rankles with you? SISU had all the same opportunities but...
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    CCFC Fan Groups/Representatives/Forum owners/Fans - The Meeting

    I don't think anyone on here would advocate liquidation. The reality is that the apparent strategy being followed by the current owner is leading the club to this being the inevitable conclusion. Unless there is a significant change, that is our destiny. That is why I feel that many true Sky...
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    Carl Baker

    SP, Gutted he let him go.
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    pictures of highfield road

    Yes. I remember my Brothers & I standing there and watching West Ham Fans try to throw stones from Swan Lane. They were Dicks then also:claping hands:
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    The Sun - Foreign Takeover?

    You might be right Ashdown, but we all need "A Reason for Living" We keep hearing "Again and Again" from "Baby Boy" Fisher that they got things wrong "And It's Better Now" He seems to be supported "All Through the Night" by the "Blue Eyed Lady" who seems "Mad About the Boy" but to me he seems...
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    Down to 18th.

    True, and if my grandma had bollocks she may have been my granddad:)
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    Possible signings?

    Nah, His misses needs him to pick the kids up on Wednesday, so he sorted out training to match that.
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    sign of the times at CCFC

    Hmm, No they were just making a total fuck of it.
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    Oral appeal

    Because it is not the Club that they are interested in?
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    Talks between CCFC and Coventry Rugby Club ?

    We are taking them to court because they keep winning and we are f*"k><g crap.
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    three weeks
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    I am going for a lie down. I agree 100% with you Grendel. In my view you are right on every count. We were clueless, not because they are crap players but because SP got it completely wrong.
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    Swindon Match Thread

    True, but Linell, knows even less about football than SP