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    End of season position

    To reach the play offs I think we need 1.62 points per game which is almost exactly what we’ve achieved so far. For automatics we probably need 2 points per game. A bit of a tall ask but if we can turn some of those draws into wins we could just make it. Going to be an interesting rest of season.
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    The goal keeping situation

    Some May think we’ve already done this to death but - I think if we are going to,progress we have to find a replacement for Burge . He is just not commanding enough in his area. Looks like a rabbit in the headlights. Seems Robins doesn’t fancy any of the others so we need to find a replacement...
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    Can someone tell me if the Peterborough game is on I-follow please and if so how to buy a pass? I know Im thick but I can’t see anywhere on the site to buy a pass. Thanks
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    i follow

    Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem. Being trying to log on for the last two days and it says my account if locked but won’t allow me to request a new password as the server is not working. I’ve emailed them but no solution forthcoming yet. Is it just me or is there a more general...
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    League One attendances

    very interesting. Even if we weren’t to improve on last season’s crowds which seems unlikely, we would have the sixth biggest attendances. If we could get above 13000 which seems possible given the current wave of enthusiasm for the club, we would be third behind Bradford City and Portsmouth...
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    Rail from Birmingham Moor Street

    taking advantage of another kind poster I will be doing this on Monday. Hope to meet a few fellow Sky Blues on the train.
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    Match Thread Morecambe

    Whoa whoa ooh whoa whoa whoa ooh Let’s get them out the league oh Whoa whoa whoa whoa ooh Never give the ball away. They’ve been bought by hedge fund, theyve been bought by hedge fund Hope the........sholes go away........ Where are the EFL !
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    View from the opposition

    Just listened to Gary Johnson’s interview on Gloucestershire live. He was very complimentary about the City saying we scored six magnificent goals and side was full,of power and pace. Nice to hear such compliments from a manager whose team has been stuffed. No excuses. Decent bloke well done Gary.
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    on a completely different subject WHY did he take the Sunderland job ?
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    Sheffield Thugnited

    I know we should let this drop and move on but I am still fuming over Sunday. It was unjust on so many levels - the crap officials , the thuggish tactics of their players and finally Nigel Adkins who I suspect was behind it all. Hope they get their just deserts in due course. Rant over.
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    TV coverage of CCFC

    Watched both BBC and ITV Midlands tonight in the hope of some objective reporting on yesterday's travesty. Was I disappointed ? Of course, neither mentioned a word about the daylight robbery we witnessed. At the same time lengthy analysis of AV's plight. Oh the poor dears. Just shows how...