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  1. Forever_Blue

    No Butts deal

    Cov Utd to sign 10 year deal, new 4G pitch being installed on Monday. Brum It is then, the wankers!
  2. Forever_Blue

    Facebook Rumour

  3. Forever_Blue


    involved in a bad car crash on Wednesday. Get well soon Dom.
  4. Forever_Blue

    Groundshare back on

    Nuneaton anyone?
  5. Forever_Blue

    Conor Chaplin

    is he out injured or is he playing over at the memorial park with Junior Brown?
  6. Forever_Blue

    Robins needs to answer this question?

    JCH, Hiwula, Chaplin, and Bakayoko did you give the go ahead to sign these players who cannot score for toffee?
  7. Forever_Blue

    Gary McSheffrey

    Did anyone catch his pre match interview, apparently he was quite critical about Doyle leaving?
  8. Forever_Blue

    Robins feeling the pressure?

    “There’s a lot we need to do over a period of time to compete consistently at the top of the division. “But, again, it’s just time and as a manager you need time. Probably wouldn’t be an issue if he had signed strikers who could score goals, instead of wasting money on garbage.
  9. Forever_Blue

    Planned trouble for Sunderland game?

    According to the Cov City fans forum on Facebook there’s talk of Sunderland supporters planning some kind of trouble at the game. Talk of damaging the Jimmy Hill statue, defacing the hall of fame walls and to “smash up” the memorial garden. I find the last one hard to believe but it has been...
  10. Forever_Blue


    how long a contract did he sign with us?