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    Dhl closes KFC

    Not finger lickin good
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    Fisher/ sisu i cant think of words strong enough to describe how incompetent you bunch of fk wits are , you are to ccfc what Peter s is to Yorkshire no what Isis are to world peace no just piss off go no longer be here
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    Just seen this ...On YouTube

    Sorry can't post a proper link "Tj convert your smart TV to a 4k TV "using a minimum 4gig flash drive ,dogs nogs if it works
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    Csa problems

    Has anyone had much to do with the Csa? .. My problem is my youngest is 18, I got him in with the agency where I work un July, I phoned them a few weeks later to report a change of circumstances and they told me nothing could be done until the 1st. Of September when my ex stops claiming...
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    sharp 8k tv

    A snip at 86grand....
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    battle of britain day

    Many thanks to the few...
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    What advice would you give tm, when negotiating with waggot/ fisher/ sisu? A handshake doesn't seal the deal...
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    season overall view...

    How would you describe the team after this season?.... I'll start... Like one of them joke acts on bgt...
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    big top at Ricoh

    I've been past the Ricoh a couple of times this week and seen a massive circus like tent in the car park, nobody seems to of mentioned it on here, anyone know what it's about.... Please don't anyone say sisu board meeting....
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    blue ribbon event

    Just been past the Ricoh, there's blue ribbons and welcome home banners everywhere... Made the hairs on the back if neck stand up...
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    the future

    Tonight's result maybe irrelevant ... How do sisu keep the fans scrambling for tickets? £18 for adults and ( the future of the club) kids for a quid for the rest of the season... ?
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    ntfc contract

    Now we are back at the Ricoh, are Sisu liable for the whole season at sixfields?
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    BBC 7... tonight

    Football fight club, follows young firms around the country... Ooops that should be beeb 3
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    crazy rumor?

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    Are calling man citee the skyblues... F:#@& outrageous
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    Some dutch folkes are attempting to build a 3d printed 3 storey canal house... Pssssst Timmy.....
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    im proud of ( going wuth the flow) ...

    The stay away fans, kcic, nopm, why/when. and anybody else who is prepared to say enough is enough.
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    question... if sisu sold up tomorrow...

    and the new owners were unable to reach an agreement with ACL/CCC over using the Ricoh, would you follow the team to northHampton/a another ground while the new owners built a new ground?
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    if joy and Timmy were...

    Were Santa for the day... What would you ask them for?
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    4000 pts

    It was mentioned on Cwr that we were on 3999 points ( club stato) since joining the league... So today makes 4k?