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  1. chickentikkamasala

    Coventry Council WILL support a new stadium...

    within Coventry. Although it is made very clear the council could not refuse on the basis of the applicant, or they will end up in court again :) So my question is, how would you feel if the stadium is...
  2. chickentikkamasala

    Laser pen!!

    Firstly, what an atmosphere, would be nice to have it like that for every home game :claping hands: and well played lads PUSB I was sitting in the south stand and on a number of occasions saw a green laser light shining on the referee and at the end it was on Reda Johnsons face when he was...
  3. chickentikkamasala

    Question: If we were to return to the Ricoh....

    before the new season starts would you buy a season ticket? A simple yes/no poll.
  4. chickentikkamasala

    How much is CCFC worth?

    For all of its assets and the golden share, what would any potential purchaser have to pay? (this would be without playing at the Ricoh or owning its own ground, purely the club as it stands now).
  5. chickentikkamasala

    Playing at Sixfields

    Is it detrimental to us keeping and signing future players? It has been common knowledge Cyrus Christie will be off in the summer, but comments like these make me wonder how the players feel playing there...
  6. chickentikkamasala

    Is the Sisu master plan....

    To win the full judicial review, then return to court to claim damages against Coventry City Council and ACL? these damages being loss of income due to low attendances, sales of merchandise, possibly income from promotion if we finished within 10 points of the necessary points plus many more...
  7. chickentikkamasala

    The Mr Labovitch interview CWR 06/12/2013 7.00 minutes in. Make what you want of it! Mr Labovitch struggles a little.
  8. chickentikkamasala

    Maguire free kick video :D
  9. chickentikkamasala

    Statement by Councillor Ann Lucas

    Coventry City Council Wednesday 30 October 2013 Coventry City Council Leader Cllr Ann Lucas has today issued a statement on the Sky Blues and the Ricoh Arena. I am responding to the article in the Coventry Telegraph of 30 October 2013 headlined 'Coventry city owners invite Council to talks over...
  10. chickentikkamasala

    Question for Nick administrator.

    Can you give us your full opinion on the current situation with CCFC/ACL/CCC? I am interested to read where you sit with it all and your feelings on both "sides" ACL/CCC and Sisu along with your own opinion to conclude the answer. Many thanks in advance :)
  11. chickentikkamasala

    Sheffers gone !

    Mutual consent
  12. chickentikkamasala

    Ricoh protests for every home game

    Not my idea but have seen it suggested in threads before, but what publicity would be created if people boycott the Northampton stadium on home games and turn up at the Ricoh? The issue with protest like this is publicity and if we could get this idea through to the media I'm sure it would be...
  13. chickentikkamasala

    Up to 5 years

    3 year deal plus option for 2-1year deal with Northampton.. Deal signed no turning back says Fisher !
  14. chickentikkamasala

    Just say..

    Once out of administration Sisu make a few good signings that get the fans excited (which if there were really clever they would try and do) and the team were winning and moving up the league.. Would the fans have short memories and start following the team? The chances are very remote...
  15. chickentikkamasala

    Will you support the new (old) owners or give up with CCFC?

    simple question.. give your answer... Support No support no support from me..
  16. chickentikkamasala

    14 years ago.............

    we were above Arsenal in the league table :(
  17. chickentikkamasala

    Last nights team........

    Should all be made to face the fans and make a full apology!! :jerkit::jerkit: Something within the club is seriously wrong and someone whoever it may be within the club needs to come and and spill the beans as to what the issue is... Too many unanswered questions and it is about time CWR...
  18. chickentikkamasala

    Mark Lawrenson..........

    Annoying :censored::jerkit: bloody commentator.... thinks he is funny but far from it.......... your opinions? can someone move this to Football & Other Sports I posted in wrong section