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  1. cooperskyblue

    Summer transfer window 2024

    I agree regarding the defence. But a lot of goals particularly the last third of the season we wouldn't have conceded with a good Goalkeeper. Not just the obvious howlers, there were plenty of goals where we all felt Collins/Wilson could and perhaps should have done better. A quality keeper not...
  2. cooperskyblue

    Viveash gone

    This is the next freshening up in our next chapter as a club. Things can become stale and with this performance analyst and everything going on at the club it's clear the ambition and drive is upwards. As long as Robins is here then I'm happy. Ultimately he's the most important person. Adi...
  3. cooperskyblue

    Jack Rudoni

    He ses like a player Robins really likes and has spoken positively about in the past. Robins and Adi get him firing (I'm certain they will) and it will be another valuable asset to add to the list.
  4. cooperskyblue

    New Kit Sponsor?

    I get the new shirts every year, I couldn't care less if they come out today, next week, next month or September. Is it ideal? No. But it didn't stop me getting them and really isn't the end of the world is it? Would rather the team on the pitch be in order to be honest.
  5. cooperskyblue

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Incredible really. Just a few short seasons ago that number would have been a novelty attendance a handful of times a season. Now it's STs sold. Amazing support!
  6. cooperskyblue

    Transfer Rumour Raphael Borges Rodriguez signs for Coventry

    Ah well thats that then. Sakamoto's stats weren't impressive either and then proved to be one of our best players. Let's be optimistic and hopeful rather than glass half empty with everything we do.
  7. cooperskyblue

    Doug on CWR

    What's incredibly boring is the seemingly desperate need for negativity when, in my opinion, there's no reason to be anything but positive and incredibly optimistic about next season and the general direction the club is headed. Things will never be perfect and it is impossible to keep everyone...
  8. cooperskyblue

    play up

    I mean it wouldn't be a let down. It's good to see our club finally doing things properly. Whatever I'm this is. Snippets not filmed on a potato. Effort going into things. Just lobbing a tweet saying "STs on sale" is rubbish compared to building up interest and intrigue (if this is even...
  9. cooperskyblue

    Concerned now

    It's the same every summer. The o.t.t meltdowns. We are in a mucher better place than last year where we had a squad with considerabley more loans, 2 star players who were going to leave. We have the foundations of a much stronger starting point. I think there are reasons to be excited.
  10. cooperskyblue

    Player of the Season - Official Vote

    Was torn between Ben Sheaf and Haji Wright. But the fact Wright has been available all season and has played 48 games in all comps, 18 goals, 6 assists. For a first season as our record signing. I think he has been very good.
  11. cooperskyblue


    Sat Grimmer down there. Looks to have unbelievably quick feet and very positive and direct. Exciting!
  12. cooperskyblue

    Transfer Rumour Haji Wright

    What I love about Wright is that he impacts games. He's involved. Yes with a mixed bag of results but he doesn't hide. He always gets atleast 2 golden chances in every game he plays. How many Strikers from recent seasons have we had who never got a chance. Walker, Waghorn, were never in...
  13. cooperskyblue

    SkyBlue extra podcast

    Don't apologise. We are all fans and there are always differing opinions. I'm sure there are some weeks where whoever is on the pods opinions will unanimously match with yours and other weeks not so much. But whenever I'm on I try and promote a good debate and I guess that is what it is all...
  14. cooperskyblue

    SkyBlue extra podcast

    Well I'm one of the Ross' on the pod. (Hopefully the 'fairly decent' one) haha I also host the Tavern Meet the Player events if you've ever been to one of them. I'm not on the SBE Pod every week obviously and so whose on does vary. I don't agree with all opinions either and if I'm on I will...
  15. cooperskyblue

    Callum contract offer

    And we should be confident that we already are doing that planning like we were doing for Haji Wright, Simms etc. The recruitment this season should give us confident that we can bring in some more gems if O'Hare inevitably leaves in the summer.
  16. cooperskyblue

    Interview with Doug King coming up on Talk Sport this morning

    Yeah again what he says he says we'll. Wasn't asked anything about Jan Window by Jim so nothing on transfer front. But sounded upbeat all in all.
  17. cooperskyblue

    Transfer Rumour Haji Wright

    Yes he did. Around me in block 28 the abuse he got was absolutely ridiculous. Everything was his fault, even poor passes to him were blamed on him. When he scored "he couldn't miss" so he literally couldnt win. Fortunately these fans have started to lay off him in recent games as I think even...
  18. cooperskyblue

    Fine Margins

    No we weren't playing good football for large portions of the middle part of last season. People have these Rose tinted views on last season because of that final great run we went on. But we had a 2 wins in 11 spell last year with pretty turgid draws against Cardiff, Bristol etc at home which...
  19. cooperskyblue

    Video 23/24 Third Kit unveiled!

    Well if you read the article they are all being done as part of Hummel's Iconic Denmark kit 100 year anniversary. So that is why and many other clubs are doing the same.