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  1. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Transfer Rumour Brandon Thomas-Asante

    On paper it does look that way. I have a good friend who worked for Albion for many years and when I messaged asking what he thought, if he had any inside info, he said 'Been gone too long for that. He was our weakest link last year. Not his fault really, but he misses a lot of chances. He works...
  2. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Dennis Lawrence

    I don’t know if Kitching has shown he’s a £4m centre back yet, but there’s still so much time. He’s also put in some fantastic displays, Sheffield Wednesday away (don’t remember which) where he was superb and covered for an underperforming Thomas throughout. I find it weird how much stick...
  3. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Big talent already at the club

    I went to Hearts v Dundee six weeks or so ago. Howley doesn't start for Dundee and they are absolutely dross in terms of quality. He came on at right wing back and offered very little. Unsure why he is being played at wing back, but worries me (given the lack of quality) how he wasn't starting...
  4. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Last year was pretty late, think it was in the week leading up to the opening game of the season as I felt slightly nervous it was all going to go tits up, but it was fine
  5. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Get This-Simms

    Someone (possibly on here) mentioned a cheat around it. If you open it on your phone, top right there should be like AA (on an iPhone) if you lick that and then select 'Show Reader' it gets rid of all the shit and actually makes it readable.
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    Oh god, not another Scottish football debate.
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    I agree with this but that expectation has been set by the owner. He was the one said three playoffs in five years etc. There was no real need to say that and if he didn't I think people's expectations wouldn't be quite so high, so he has set the standard himself rather than unwarranted pressure.
  8. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Fairly sure he has a reputation for hanging out with some really terrible people including the most high-profile mobster in Ireland's son. Can't see Robins going for someone with that kind of off field rep.
  9. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Whilst I don't think anyone should be fiddling it, I would rather see a handful of nobheads get in for free than risk a bunch of either lifelong elderly fans or young disabled fans miss out on the opportunity and feel like their club has turned their back on them. I've seen a handful of disabled...
  10. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Tomorrow's FA Cup Final

    The semi hurt, I will watch it, I already miss football. City are everything that is wrong with modern football and there's 115 reasons I can't get behind wanting them to tonk United despite what happened in the semi. Some tears for Antony wouldn't go amiss though.
  11. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Haha I wondered if your latest reincarnation was a reference to her.
  12. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Family zone ticket exchange

    I agree with this if it is just in regard to the discounted family stand issue. As a general statement and should this be used as a testing phase for a wider plan should we get promoted I couldn't disagree more My group have essentially always said we will buy a ST for life, regardless of how...
  13. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Thanks for replying. I guess the difficulty there is it probably works out cheaper for my mate to now have a ST with us but then the cost of a junior season ticket there is ridiculously overpriced so it will screw him again. I get that the deal in FZ is currently great value for him (as long as...
  14. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    It's probably been discussed at length so I don't know the answer, but we have a group of 6 ST holders in block 18 so it doesn't directly affect us. However, one of our mates sits in the FZ with his six year old. His son doesn't want to do the evening games, so what is my mate supposed to do by...
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    24/25 is THE year

    I think you are drastically exaggerating how good our first 11 is. One of Leeds or Southampton will be in this division next season (not even touching on the three relegated sides) and we are not 1 or 2 players away from having a better 11 than either.
  16. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    That is why I said 'average' and used a caveat that I wouldn't change it because some obviously won't fall into that. It's not hard to look at stats to look at the wealthiest and poorest age groups.
  17. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    Yeah that also puzzles me. Senior citizens being so much cheaper is a strange one too as the *average* senior citizen has waaaaay more money than the *average* 20-30 year old with (especially) or without kids etc. I understand changing that may hugely disadvantage people who have supported the...
  18. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Sporting in for Latibeaudiere?

    I saw someone on Twitter say he’s their player of the season and it’s one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen on a platform that only functions by people saying insane things
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    Player of the Season top 5

    Your point becomes a little bit irrelevant when you follow it up by not including our player of the season in your top 5 to be honest
  20. GaryMabbuttsLeftKnee

    Player Ratings

    Fatigue clearly a huge part, some very disappointing performances. Struggling to really recall the last time Lati looked okay, let alone good