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  1. Houchens Head

    IMPORTANT: Downtime tonight

    Well, I like it Nick! ;)
  2. Houchens Head

    IMPORTANT: Downtime tonight

    Where's me bettin' dosh? :cry:
  3. Houchens Head

    New name and number font.

    Is that 21 or 27? Awful design!
  4. Houchens Head

    No Interest Whatsoever

    I've never been too bothered about what's under the bonnet of a car. If it has a wheel in each corner and it moves when I want it to, that does me. I'm similar to Shmmeee above, whereby, I prefer to know what gadgets are in the thing. I have a 12month old Suzuki Vitara All Wheel drive, Booster...
  5. Houchens Head

    No Interest Whatsoever

    On my local Housing Waiting List I'm on Gold + for Malvern and Silver+ for elsewhere. Trouble is, I want out of Malvern. Too bloody hilly for me and the missus to get around.
  6. Houchens Head

    No Interest Whatsoever

    Bungalow? Jammy sod! I'm still trying for one. Fingers crossed! ;)
  7. Houchens Head

    Helping Out Fellow Fans Part III – Season Ticket Fund

    My son and his boys were recipients last season and I'd just like to say on his behalf, "Thank you all so much. With the boys losing their mum at such a young age and their dad now having to raise them himself, this was truly a fabulous gesture. Once again, a HUGE thank You everyone! x"
  8. Houchens Head


    Where I am in Malvern, I am surrounded by Birmingham fans, Shrewsbury fans and West Brom fans. Surprisingly, I've yet to meet any s̶c̶u̶m̶, sorry, Villa fans! Think these good people have more sense!
  9. Houchens Head

    Jonny Depp

    Never liked Johnny Depp anyway. He always looks pissed up or stoned. He comes across as a right misery as well. Much prefer Brad Pitt as an actor. And can anyone make any sense of that TV advert for aftershave, he does? Total nonsense.
  10. Houchens Head

    Death List 2020

    Ennio Morricone has died Get 1 coffin ready
  11. Houchens Head

    Charity skydive

    Donated. :smug:
  12. Houchens Head

    Rob Gurney podcast

    No, OW. Her name was Sarah, and I wanted so much to ..... well, anyway. She now works with BBC TV in Brum. But I managed to make out with another Anne who worked there, but not Ms Othen! Her secret with me shall remain intact! There! I've said enough already!
  13. Houchens Head

    Rob Gurney podcast

    We were a scruffy lot back in the day, Reg!
  14. Houchens Head

    Following on

    I see Bristol City are releasing Harvey Smith. Wonder if he'll follow on from his Show-jumping namesake and ride his horse around the pitch, sticking his fingers up to the opposition?
  15. Houchens Head

    Julien Dacosta - CONFIRMED

    Stick Doodah in goal and play whatisname up front. Thingymabob could play an attacking role from the back near the touchline thingy. Then bring in VAR to mix things up a bit.
  16. Houchens Head

    Paramedics stabbed in Wolverhampton

    Here she is in her HART gear......
  17. Houchens Head

    Paramedics stabbed in Wolverhampton

    I worry about my niece, Karen, who trained as a Paramedic. She grew tired of it because she is a bit of a "nutter" - she loves doing crazy things, so she is now a member of the elite HART team - Hazardous Area Response Team. They go in where ordinary paramedics might have to wait for other...
  18. Houchens Head

    Rob Gurney podcast

    No. Buggles.
  19. Houchens Head

    Rob Gurney podcast

    I worked alongside Rob now and again when I was with CWR back in the early 90's. He really is a top bloke when off-air. He and Geoff came to my leaving do which was a really nice gesture. Here's me in the studio with Rob and Fozzie in the studio next door. .
  20. Houchens Head

    Losing a pet

    I don't know what to say. I find it so sad and devastating about how this has happened. I sincerely hope you have loads of photos and videos of him that you can look at from time to time. Believe me, it does get easier, but only just. Coincidently, I was talking about my old boy today and...