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    Birmingham Airport

    His daughter …..the only brains in the family !
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    Birmingham Airport

    Don’t forget my present Rob …… You & the girls have a good one , CTID
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    Have We A Plan B ?

    It would seem that Vik is staying put ….. for now , so how much does this put Doug/Robins plans back , especially as everything ( apart from Viv leaving ) was seemingly falling into place ?
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    New assistant manager

    If Adi’s move was on the cards , then hopefully the grapevine would have been alive with perspective candidates, but , as lead to believe, the new man , has massive boots to fill & a rash appointment could see us go backwards ?
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    Callum O'Hare

    Arguably the best freebie we will ever have , at our great club . Thank you Cal , for every minute you’ve been here , a class act & all the best for the future CTID
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    Transfer Rumour Clement Akpa

    I find it a great shame how Bidwell has been treated by Robins in particular, as he is a solid , dependable pro , who lost his squad number to Milan , so nearly sent packing to Blues & finally got the position back from JDS when another X Chelsea player wasn’t up to the job . I personally hope...
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    Ryton looking great

    Wow , you need to pinch yourself really , as going from a building the scouts would have condemned, to something resembling Kew Gardens is unbelievable . Doug , now to finish all this hard work off with promotion ! CTID
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    Simon Moore

    A great shame what happened to Simon , but let’s all just hope that this new manager continues his downward spiral
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    Announcing Binks?

    I don’t like Doug’s new prices in the club shop …… inflated or what ?
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    Championship 2nd highest support in europe

    On hearing today that another, previous corporate client , has pulled out because of the price hike . It might well be that the “ top shelf “ is empty , for a good few games unfortunately .
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    🌺 hawaiian shirts - did these ever go on sale?

    Unfortunately, as most have experienced, they will only come in the starter sizes of 2xxl !
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    As another season approaches & yes , there’s hopefully a few new faces to assist our squad to the promised land , hopefully your all getting that feeling that we’re not far away ? At long last , Ryton is being developed into something…… a proper training facility, as I’ve always wondered how the...
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    The “ who do we leave out “ question ….. how long have we prayed for quality in the team , especially across the front line & wow ….. let’s wait for the next influx of players , if / when Vik is sold & then …… the promised land might just be over that diminishing hill CTID
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    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    Sorry if this has been covered already in this euphoria, but we/ the recruitment team, might have unearthed another gem , at a saving of £5 million over Rudoni ……
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    Tomorrow's FA Cup Final

    It’s amazing though , as the weeks have gone by & people stop me ( I wear skyblue tops etc ) complete strangers & start a conversation about what a great final & how we were robbed !
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    We know about his injuries, but on losing Cal , surely he was / is the nearest player to replace Cal , without costing anything but wages ? ( play & pay contract ) He is fiesty & offers something different & a great footballer on his day …… Just a thought !
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    Transfer Rumour Raphael Borges Rodriguez signs for Coventry

    Fingers crossed that he has it in him to succeed here . A big chance for him to progress & learn off EMC , Wright & Saka , in a team that’s really going places . CTID
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    Transfer Rumour Viktor Johansson

    The family that own/ run Stoke put a lot of money in & as a club , they are very fortunate . It’s just a good job that their chosen managers , couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery …… & now a relatively good keeper could be another player on the surplus pile in 12 months time ?
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    Transfer Rumour Connor Barron

    A very good friend, who knows the Scottish scene, says that this ISN’T the calibre of footballer that we should be interested in, especially with Doug’s premiership ambitions
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    Luton away ticket

    I might be too late on asking , but has anyone got a spare ticket ? 😉