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  1. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Big money for sure, but not sure they would allocate the amount it would take to replace the quality of the two of them.
  2. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    I could tell you, but I cba
  3. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Think any fee is good considering, and also if I was a Charlton fan I'd be hopeful he should get a decent return for them. Wish him the best, shame it has turned slightly sour from both sides.
  4. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Which number GIMOC redemption arc are we on now? I think it would be all hail should Doyle and a new striker sign this week.
  5. CovLis86

    Callum O'Hare

    If he's going to play in championship next season, may aswell be with us on improved wages - then if he performs as well as he thinks he can, he either goes up with us or if we fall short then he would surely be able to join a promoted team then. Or, realise he may only ever be a top...
  6. CovLis86

    Jack Rudoni

    £3 million rising to £5 million with addons would be very fair.
  7. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    He's an Essex boy isn't he? And I think that's the sort of thing they say
  8. CovLis86

    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    The fact their fans just look at it as a 'clever' way to get around financial fair play etc is just absolutely gross. Hope nothing but the worst for them if that's their attitude.
  9. CovLis86


    I guess 2 million can sound like 10 million @stgeorge1966
  10. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    I enjoy Kasey as much as I'm frustrated by him, he's one of those players. A luxury, and just one that I don't think justifies the likely wage. With that in mind, I'd accept any offer as the saving on wages is worth it in itself. He got lucky this year to have his least injury ridden season to...
  11. CovLis86

    Transfer Rumour Raphael Borges Rodriguez signs for Coventry

    I was once really excited we were spending big money on Freddie Eastwood, and well that turned out how it did. Since then I've learnt spend and cost doesn't dictate the quality of a player, or more specifically, how that player shall be for us. Give them a chance, be excited we've made a...
  12. CovLis86

    Transfer Rumour Raphael Borges Rodriguez signs for Coventry

    Who's pissed in your can of fosters... Complaining about signing a young player this early in the window, for no doubt a nominal fee, showing we are scouting the entirety of the world.... Absolute proof people will moan about anything. Really boring.
  13. CovLis86

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Be his dream come true - pulling funny faces at a Netflix camera.
  14. CovLis86

    Championship thread 23/24

    It really, really isn't.
  15. CovLis86

    Transfer Rumour Alan Browne

    He's, understandably, looking for one final big pay day for the next 3 years until his playing career will be heading towards an end. I'd rather Preston paid him that luxury for sentimental reasons, rather than us pay over the odds weekly just to quieten some of this forum up. It isn't Browne or...
  16. CovLis86

    Player of the Season top 5

    Sheaf Bidwell Sakamoto Eccles Simms
  17. CovLis86

    Slowpoke RIP

    Great post and sure he will be very proud. RIP Slowpoke
  18. CovLis86

    Championship thread 23/24

    I'm 5'8, so I have the short guy card. He's shite.
  19. CovLis86

    Championship thread 23/24

    I'd take him over DaSilva any day
  20. CovLis86

    Sporting in for Latibeaudiere?

    I'd rather keep him for next season and if performs reasonably but we've people ahead of him, see what bids come in next summer.