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    Port vale

    Best thing about this is seeing Tats on the team sheet. Class.
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    Viveash gone

    Looks like they are restructuring the new restructure they’ve structured.
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    Transfer Rumour Oliver Dovin

    Not buying it until I see it’s a JH a promise.
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    24/25 opening day team

    Johansen Camara Worrall Doyle Burrows Browne Stamenic Marcondes Asante Jebbison Ntelo The ‘shown round Ryton’ 11.
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    Video Coventry players step up pre-season, Jay Dasilva gives BARISTA MASTERCLASS! ☕️ | CITY UNSEEN EP095 ⛫

    Right, now Dasilva is the club barista…can we get Burrows in?
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    Cameron archer

    No chance. They’re selling Jhon Duran and Archer will be second choice behind Watkins.
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    Another who's this

    Pretty sure it’s Emiliano Marcondes, great spot.
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    It was a wind up

    Fuck sake Palmer’s staying
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    That picture was actually taken from the new set up at Ryton. Hot tubs there for recovery after training. Doug’s idea. Massive hit with all these new signings we keep showing round apparently.
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    We can’t sign all of our players for a few million. That’s not how we do things and nor how we should either. Free transfer that knows the league. Not much wrong with that in my eyes.
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    On a free, we need more depth. People can’t moan about needing more of a squad and then moan at a signing like this.
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Really can’t see us signing a right back. Whoever it is, isn’t going to play.
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Foo Kin No-Wan Not a name I’ve heard of myself but when asking around, that’s the name I’m hearing. Linked with him at Christmas as well apparently.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Thanks Saka.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Be good if Saka turned up for the second half. Don’t it all tournament ffs.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Fucking hell Robins make some subs.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Probably would have stayed up front as well though instead of tiring himself out running all over the pitch.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Can’t just keep saying this every tournament. What we can do is start giving the other strikers minutes instead of watching Kane struggle for 90.
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    Ian Poveda

    😂😂 how can you compare a winger to Allen? A player who could absolutely not play on the wing.
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    UEFA EURO 2024

    Kane has had a year playing in league with a lot less quality and it shows.