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    Transfer Rumour Joe Worrall

    I disagree, you idiot.
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    The Kase(y) for Palmer

    Completely agree. “Mercurial” is the word to describe Kasey. He absolutely needs to work on his consistency, but he’s an asset to the team.
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    William Storey

    William Storey or Alexccfc99?
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    unrest behind the scenes

    Do you wank simultaneously as writing these posts? Grasping Insecure Mouthing Outsider C****^
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    Accounts due

    At least we’re not reverting forwards, that’d just be confusing. Agree though, the report does all seem really non-negatively, positive. Do the official documents allow you to revert forwards? That would be confusing.
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    Robins Squad comments

    That’s was 5 seconds he’d earned.
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    Video Josh Eccles are Mark Robins look ahead to Coventry City's trip to Millwall 🎙️

    … favoured corner takers. (Doesn’t really work, but I wanted to get involved).
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    Cheers Nick, tha is all much better. Is the small white banner still going to remain at the bottom? My add blocker hides the content, but it is still obtrusive. Cheers Nick, that is all much better. I’m still getting a white banner at the bottom of the screen. My ad-blocker stops the...
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    Milan van Ewijk Appreciation Thread

    I agree, a couple of years back, but how much did Preston pay for Bayliss?
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    That’s my thinking. They’ve never been a good team this century.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Think that was a slightly earlier team. Fuck me though, id kill for a front two of ndlovu and whelan at the mo.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    As above mate.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Our time is coming. You’ll regret it if you miss it. I could be wrong, I used Wikipedia. “Continiousley used” ??? Genuinely interested to be corrected if I’m wrong. At least we’ve beaten the Hamer wasters.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    I wasn’t there, but do remember that match, I’d have been about 12. My mum and her family are Leeds supporters, so enjoyed the victory. I loved Noel Whelan, the poor man’s Cantona.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Yeah, I’ve got no excuses for the previous 22 years. The ghost of Tom Finney? (he must really hate us).
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Cheers OW and STP anyway, that’s exactly what I wanted. Nobody’s argued on this thread yet either. That must be a SBT record? (Nick?) We’re clearly all boring c**t whistles.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    I didn’t realise it was that bad in Leeds. I wonder what the odds are on 2 wins this year?
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Thanks STP that’s interesting (edited; SLT is a work initiatilism, much less helpful than you). it’s still a wank record, but we haven’t played them a lot. Our 20th century shit show pretty much coincides with Tom Finney. Bloody Tom Finney.
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    Deepdale hoodoo

    Thanks Oscillate, that was quick. Any ideas on how often we were in the same division prior to this century?