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  1. skybluejelly

    New Shirt Poll

    Like others have said I will wait until I see it in the flesh , it looks a bit like embossed kitchen roll , which will be good for the defence to soak up all the pressure
  2. skybluejelly

    Stevenage Friendly

    It’s not that bad …Nuneaton friendly always used to be £10 plus another £2 if you wanted to sit in the stand
  3. skybluejelly

    Things that annoy you

    Absolutely..but I don’t think it’s as bad as “side hustle “.. oooh I have a side hustle ..selling crap at at a car boot , or buying crap at a car boot and selling it on eBay
  4. skybluejelly

    What's your dream car?

    Until a few weeks ago I always wanted another 2.8i capri , but went in a friends one and realised how dated it was , modern cars are so much better
  5. skybluejelly

    New assistant manager

    If it an assistant player manager it’s got to be Julian gray
  6. skybluejelly

    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    Yes because it sounds exactly the same when someone says are you going to stop their 25% tax free when they take there pension ...I can see how it sounds exactly the same .. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  7. skybluejelly

    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    I bloody hope not , from what I can see it was supposed to go up to 57 , but neither does mortgage relief run out in two years , Google the interview , and he seems quite adamant that they will stop the 25% tax free when it runs out
  8. skybluejelly

    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    Has anybody else seen Keir starmers interview with Nicky Campbell, where a caller asks him about 25% tax free allowance on your pension, and he says they are not going to renew it when it runs out in a couple of years, as they need the money for there manifesto pledges , all hell.breaks loose...
  9. skybluejelly

    UEFA EURO 2024

    I honestly look at England like Coventry , we play absolutely dog shit against teams that park the bus unless we score an early goal and force them to play, teams that play openly we play so much better,at least now there's such low expectations it will probably be the year we win it Sent from...
  10. skybluejelly

    General election poll

    Conservatives for me , people keep saying 14 years of Tory hell , but they wouldn’t have got in for three terms if the first ten were that bad ,in all honesty it’s been a complete shit show since Covid , but I think it would have been the same under any party , it’s obvious Labour will win ...
  11. skybluejelly

    This cant be real , warmest spring and may on record

    It might have been wet ..but it’s not been cold , I can’t remember defrosting the windows on the car since Christmas, this would definitely bring the overall average temperatures up
  12. skybluejelly

    We should not let this go, the game is corrupt to the core

    Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  13. skybluejelly

    We should not let this go, the game is corrupt to the core

    K Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  14. skybluejelly

    Match Thread Coventry City v Manchester United - FA Cup Semi-Final

    Mve to unleash his long throws he has kept in the bank all season , Liam kitching to head the winner
  15. skybluejelly

    Wealdstone FC Wembley Fan Zone

    The roads next to Wealdstones ground ( eversley crescent) etc don’t have any parking restrictions on them ..just park there ..well they didn’t last year anyway
  16. skybluejelly

    Cash or cashless to help control spending

    I was in Costa then other day ..and 3 lads came in , they all ordered flavoured lattes, a sausage sandwich each and a pastry, the lad at the back offered to pay and put it straight on his card was over £40 ..all I could think of was if you had paid that in 8 £5 notes surely you would have...
  17. skybluejelly

    City v Man U FA Cup ties post war

    In 87 …we also beat 2 uniteds , a wanderers and a Wednesday on the way to the finals
  18. skybluejelly

    FA Cup Semi Final Draw

    If we do play man city ..Wembley will look great as the whole crowd will be in sky blue
  19. skybluejelly

    Was just thinking where would be

    just be thankful we still have julian gray