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  1. J

    Callum O'Hare

    Technically yes. Reality?
  2. J

    Callum O'Hare

    Leicester or Southampton I’d heard
  3. J

    Palmer Suspension

    Pretty sure I saw the referee show a yellow card to someone on the Chelsea bench
  4. J

    Match Thread Coventry City - Cardiff City Match Thread - Monday 1st Apr

    Anyone know how to get a list of tv broadcasters abroad who partner EFL? Just found out the games been ‘selected for international tv coverage’ yet again.
  5. J

    Italian commentary

    After Wright’s goal he literally screams “What just happened? What just happened here at Molineux?” LOVE IT. PUSB
  6. J

    Maybe no more saturday 3pm until 6th april

    Would have been the logical thing to do surely?
  7. J

    Ben Sheaf

    Pretty sure he was out exactly same stage of last season for about 7-8 games and it didn’t do us too much harm… let’s hope history repeats itself. PUSB
  8. J

    Transfer targets

    Vinny Jones?
  9. J

    Victor Torp

    Looks more like a young Bill Clinton to me… I’m sure we can find him a good Monica!!!
  10. J

    Victor Torp

    Don't you know pump it up... We've got Victor Torp... repeat for 90 mins simples
  11. J

    Forum night out

    Will be available overseas??
  12. J

    2023-24 New Kit Thread

    Anyone notice the Hummel logo moved to be centred around the stripe now as opposed to it being off centre for the kit reveal? Spotted it on Jay da Silva interview. Sad git that I am 😁
  13. J

    2023-24 New Kit Thread

    Not sure it’s a stinker, but a bit underwhelming sure
  14. J

    2023-24 New Kit Thread

    The pink boots??
  15. J

    2023-24 New Kit Thread

    Jeez come on - it’s not like our first game is away or anything… errrr hold on
  16. J

    Luis Binks

    Absolute not saying it can’t happen, but o’hares was quite nasty by all accounts and there are no guarantees.
  17. J

    Luis Binks

    He’s had a nasty injury, no guarantees he comes back the same player. If he does, that’s a huge bonus but let’s not get carried away.
  18. J

    The Signings Countdown Thread

    I would imagine they are 3rd & 4th choice, maybe even 4th & 5th given both Sakamoto and Lati can play there...
  19. J

    2023-24 New Kit Thread

    Looks a bit too much like this one for me… so they played around with collar and sleeves and put some bespoke images in the material… it’s ok I guess but not for me
  20. J

    SIGNED!!!! - Tatsuhiro Sakamoto

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t leave. Just something about his highlight reel - his control In tight situations and that he looked like he could pick a pass. Just reminded me of Hamer. Like I say hope not and would love to see them both playing together - what a mouth watering prospect that would be.