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    Callum O'Hare

    None of the new signings are in there either though - maybe it just stays the same until 1st July? But no Binks and no Rudoni. I wouldn't place anything on Cal appearing again on the website.
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    Item Thread for those looking for FA cup tickets

    I'm not from Cov but I have always supported them - I am from Stratford but have been in Liverpool since I was 18... i only go to 3-4 games a season, buy for my sister and her fella so they have accounts with zero points. I last had a season ticket in the Brum season, because i knew I wasn't...
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    Time to face facts

    If you factor in the amount of money and effort put into training Maddison since he was a kid and bringing him through the ranks I think this is a pretty poor deal. The timing especially seems a SISU design to stop Mogga spending any of the cash before the end of the window. Yes there are loans...
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    Wrong team choices today !

    I think it is possible that Mowbray has been a bit star struck by who he has been able to attract into little league one - Cole and Hunt specifically? It has distracted from the young, tight team structure we had in place before. Some experienced heads are essential, I accept that, but...
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    Scunthorpe (Away) Match Thread

    I think even though the progress made playing with 10 players might be a bit ahead of ourselves...
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    Armstrong out of Burton game

    Surely Tudgay should play as the supposed senior striker. I would have thought that part of the deal to bring Armstrong here would be that his England education continues, he has led the line at all age groups after all. If we are winning well against Southend, I'd take Armstrong off after 60...
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    The Station

    Travelling from Liverpool down to the Ricoh by public transport when you factor in walk plus bus is a nightmare. I can now get a fast train to Nuneaton and train straight to the Ricoh, will knock at least an hour each way off my journey time and be far less stressful. Will be more like 10 games...
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    Coventry City FC need 11,000 fans at every home game....

    It would help if it was easier getting to the ground. The train station being late and then apparently having one train per hour (?) is ridiculous. Taking it further, I realise that the Council are not our friends but subsidised buses and trains (completely free for under 16 maybe?) would also...
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    those guys who claimed Mowbray is biding his time for quality

    In my experience it's never a good idea to face up to reality if you are Coventry fan. Run away from reality.
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    New signing tomorrow!?

    Sorry to say this but even an injection of equity wouldn't see fans come back. At least not that many. Plenty on here say that they won't go back until SISU are gone (not saying I disagree). They see this forum, why would they inject money which won't change the gates? The apathy is overwhelming.
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    Any new signings this week ?

    Anyone else think that the club are completely out of cash and are awaiting some funds from the Wigan gate receipts? We've already been told that Sisu have cut the club off to be run as it's own entity....
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    Oxford United (Nuneaton) Match Thread

    Where is tudgay?? Don't tell me injured...