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    Copa America

    The positive side being that it would add a few more numbers to his price tag. A thriving and confident Wright at International level will only benefit us.
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    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    Nope I don't think so. He looked like an interesting player at Blackpool but a bit of a luxury type. Wouldn't say no to him here but not sure if he would fit into our style.
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    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    I understand the principle of not buying something you can't attend. But the club and football in general just rings differently for me and maybe others. I can't make every game as I live 140 miles away. It would probably be cheaper for me to buy single tickets. But I like having my own seat and...
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    I'd imagine he's already on various club's radar because he's been scouted previously rather than because they'll stumble on a tweet. Im possibly overestimating clubs scouting / recruitment team capabilities though! Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    play up

    A quick search and found that Gary Hoffman was previously the Chairman at Monzo. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Apologies my poor attempt at dry humour. I actually think this would be a solid signing. PNE haven't shown any ambition for years hence hes looking for something new by sounds of it. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    The type of know how he used to get Preston out the division? Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Concerned now

    The model I'm assuming we now have or appear to be working towards doesn't involve holding onto players until they walk out on a free (excluding O'Hare). It's about becoming a conveyor but selling players at their premium and then reinvesting that so we can keep bringing in similar if not...
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    Championship thread 23/24

    If it carries anything like the bad luck that "manager of the month" award carries then I'm quite happy for Robins not to even be in contention! Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    21st to the 30th of April

    Peps just playing. In my opinion, the noise he makes is largely mind games, psychological, stirring the pot etc. Hes not stupid, he knows exactly what he has at his disposal. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Cash or cashless to help control spending

    There are some great banks with good apps now which makes you more aware of your spend. In previous times, you would spend on card and then wait for your statement but now you can see what's in your account in real time, the apps alert you when you've spent, you can get limits set on what you...
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    England squad

    Interestingly Nike have possibly played this very well from a business and PR sense if intentional. The amount of media attention and noise that the change to the flag colour on the collar has created is more than I can ever remember for any England shirt release so it wouldn't surprise me if it...
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    Anyone else now not renewing their ST

    I'll probably renew next season just to see how it is with the new TV schedules etc. It would also be my luck that we get to play off final again and I miss out because I decided not to get a season ticket or have enough points etc. So admittedly I may end up getting one just because of FOMO...
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    I don't now but I've done it in the past...I used to feel pressured into responding to people within a certain timeframe, particularly knowing they knew I had seen the message. Turning it off while I had that mindset was actually quite a relief. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Rotherham United FC Match Thread - Tuesday 5th Mar

    By doing that though, it's saved a few legs for the next few games. I get it's not flashy and a bit boring at times but the more our team had the ball and were not running after Rotherham players the better. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Fa Cup tonight

    Yep it's going to be full on patronising but I'm happy to lap up the attention for a bit. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Preston North End FC Match Thread - Friday 23rd Feb

    Yeah and Robins tends to play it coy. Keeps the opposition guessing (as well as us!) I imagine. Sent from my SM-A346B using Tapatalk
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    Win promotion or the FA Cup ?

    If we got promoted, we would get significant cash that could secure our future for years if utilised correctly. Some of that would obviously go on bringing new players's stating the obvious that the current squad isn't premier league ready, no championship squad realistically is...that's...
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Preston North End FC Match Thread - Friday 23rd Feb

    Fair enough, hadn't realised. Back to topic... I think we start sluggish and come back against PNE to draw. They appear clinical with their chances so we will need to limit them to very few. Really hope Torp can play as him and Ohare are really the key to Simms form progressing. Sent from my...
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Preston North End FC Match Thread - Friday 23rd Feb

    Do we know for sure that DK has asked specifically to compete more than we normally would in the FA cup? We've had dare I say it relatively straight forward draws to get where we are and probably expected to beat the teams we've played so far. I don't think we are here as a result of "trying...