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  1. skybluepm2

    O'Hare has left the building

    Exactly right. I got the opportunity to speak to Doug King in the hotel after the Plymouth game for a good hour, and he was pretty miffed even back then at the uncertainty, particularly with the deal he’d put on the table, which included a sell-on clause (from which he would also benefit). Vik...
  2. skybluepm2

    O'Hare has left the building

    Sounds like it, ‘we supported you whilst you were crocked and then you jump ship’. Maybe reading too much into it, but still no real need to mention his injury record. Great player for us and a fans favourite until the end.
  3. skybluepm2

    Ben Wilson comments on Simon Moore insta good bye

    Poor from Wilson if aimed at the club publicly, even if he is going (assumedly he is as he couldn’t get a sniff despite Collins chucking in a couple of howlers on a weekly basis for the past couple of months). Could be referring to the problems he had in his personal life but probably even less...
  4. skybluepm2

    New number one needed

    Was fairly content with him between the sticks up until recently but when you look at his cock ups at Huddersfield, Southampton, Blues, first at Wembley and tonight it really isn’t good enough. Giving ourselves a mountain to climb. Somehow, Hull were there for the taking after we’d battled back...
  5. skybluepm2

    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City Match Thread - Friday 1st Mar

    do you think it’s a back 3 and wing backs? I didn’t notice Eccles at 1st glance. Could be him alongside Lati and Torp but maybe you’re right and Lati alongside Binks and Thomas! I’m a little more comfortable with Da Silva as a wing back, he’ll never a left back as long as he has a hole in his arse
  6. skybluepm2

    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City Match Thread - Friday 1st Mar

    oh Jesus I didn’t even notice Wilson was still in there!! 😭
  7. skybluepm2

    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City Match Thread - Friday 1st Mar

    Gobsmacked DaSilva is in there, insane decision
  8. skybluepm2

    Ellis Simms Song

    Agreed, far better song for Simms. Now all we need to do is ditch the god awful Torp song as soon as possible 🤮
  9. skybluepm2

    Robins has to own that one

    Hopefully the last time we’ll see Jay Da Silva start this season. A truly shocking player.
  10. skybluepm2

    Robins has taken us as far as he can.

    a c**t is far more appropriate
  11. skybluepm2

    Travel info

    there are a few trains running from the arena back to Coventry after the game (21:50, 22:50, 23:40) which only takes 8 mins and £2.80 for a single ticket. 5 minute walk from the station.
  12. skybluepm2


    My favourite manager of all time, and I hope he’s with us for years to come. The way he’s galvanised the club and steered us through oceans of shite in 7 years should never be forgotten and one day I believe he will rightfully be commemorated with a statue. I just don’t think it would be...
  13. skybluepm2

    Ex Player Watch

    Same. It’s pretty bizarre that he’s hardly played since he left us, almost 3 years ago! Fairly sure he had injury problems but really thought he’d have kicked on in League 1 or 2 by now.
  14. skybluepm2

    Fábio Tavares

    I think - and hope - our second string are a different proposition to when we inexplicably lost to Wrexham last year, as we now have quality in depth. Saying that, injury to Sheaf and Allen, added to Kitching’s suspension plus Fadz’ departure don’t help our cause. Same team as last night should...
  15. skybluepm2

    Preston Game moved due to FAcup

    I wish they’d just do away with half of the international breaks, would save all the bollocks of cramming in fixtures.. although I do like going to 2 games a week tbh.
  16. skybluepm2

    Fábio Tavares

    He’s just not very good. If his wonder strike against PNE hadn’t happened, there wouldn’t be the clamour or misguided belief from some that he could be a 20 goal a season striker ‘with a run of games’. Cut our losses in the Summer and wish him the best.
  17. skybluepm2

    The queues

    what do they sell? Have never ventured there. Might have to give it a try. Usually go to anecdote or Dhillons. Beer in the ground is shite, had to resort to a HT Stella last night as the anecdote was closed again 😫
  18. skybluepm2

    The queues

    I could be talking out of my arse here, but I’m sure they did something like this at the start of the season for a couple of games. Didn’t seem to last very long which is a shame. But you’re spot on, give someone a reason to enter the ground early and they’ll reduce these issues significantly
  19. skybluepm2

    The queues

    Thought as much but I still find it bonkers. Wouldn’t be half as bad if they’d let us in the ground within a decent and acceptable timeframe 😝
  20. skybluepm2

    The queues

    It was a tad farcical getting in last night. The poor bloke in front of me was told in no uncertain terms that he had to leave his umbrella outside because ‘it had a spike on it’ 🙄 seems a bit OTT to me. He was hardly going to use it to ram up the opposition keepers arse…How very ridiculous of...