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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Connor Barron, a midfielder from Aberdeen
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    Ex Player Watch

    Eccles was on loan at Gillingham when Evans was their manager
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    After their keepers karate kick, I don't know why Casadei didn't get booked. We won the ball and had an open goal and he stopped a goal scoring opportunity.
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    Transfer targets

    If we are after another striker, I wouldn't mind Sam Surridge on loan
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    Latz is not a right back, Fadz and Godden are past it. Latz will sit in the middle allowing Eccles/Sheaf and full backs to get forward more and not get out numbered in midfield. He can also drop back to a back 3 if needed. Forget possession based football, we are not suited to it. Get the ball...
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    Wilson Van Ewijk, Thomas, Binks, Bidwell Eccles, Latibeaudiere, Sheaf Sakamoto, Simms, Wright This would be the team I would choose if we go 4-3-3
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    Nowhere near good enough

    He can but that distracts him from watching the game. With lack of leadership on the pitch, it's no coincidence that we are conceding sloppy goals. Viveash is vocal, whereas Robins isn't.
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    Nowhere near good enough

    I mentioned it in the match thread. I don't want him gone, it was more of a frustration comment and to get a reaction. I think Robins is struggling during the games, not having Viveash in the technical area with him.
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Norwich City Match Thread - Saturday 7th Oct

    Wilson Thomas Fads Binks DaSilva Eccles Lati Bidwell Allen Godden Simms With Kelly injured, we need some experience, so Bidwell comes in for me. Da Silva can play on the right.
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    Expect another delay

    14th July
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    Expect another delay

    My shirt arrived this morning in Plymouth, yet my Dad's still waiting for his in Coventry. Maybe they are doing it by distance.
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    Who's the player who looks like bnc in Portugal?

    Who's behind Wilson in the Portugal, we have arrived video?
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    Transfer targets

    Morgan Whittaker would be my choice
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    The same lino flagged for Mcfazdeans yellow card, which he won the ball and wasn't a foul
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    Red button through an Amazon Fire stick remote

    The bonus streams will appear either on the main home page (at the bottom of page) or the sports section. The streams can take up to a couple of minutes before kick off to appear on the page, so don't panic if you can't see them throughout the day
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    Member of bin crew killed at work

    Rest in peace and thoughts go out to your family. Was a pleasure to work with you mate. Hope your work colleagues get the support they need.
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    Transfer Shouts

    Miles Leaburn
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    South West Supporters Group?

    Thanks for the reply’s I will look into the Facebook group
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    South West Supporters Group?

    Bumped into a Cov fan while at work today. That’s seven other city fans I’m aware off who live in Plymouth. Do any of you post or read this site? Also noticed others who post on here, who live in the south west, Bristol, Torquay etc. Does anyone know if there is a South West Supporters Group I...