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  1. northstander

    Tomorrow's FA Cup Final

    I'd hoped I might be over it by now... Not sure I ever will be in all honesty. We should be on our way to Wembley again (ole ole). Will be doing all I can to actively avoid it all.
  2. northstander

    Match Thread Wolverhampton Wanderers - Coventry City [FA] Match Thread - Saturday 16th Mar

    But surely the rules are there to apply to everyone all the time, regardless of occasion? Robins has been pretty clear about his feelings on people entering the pitch. INTERVIEW: Robins - Stay Off The Pitch!
  3. northstander

    Match Thread Wolverhampton Wanderers - Coventry City [FA] Match Thread - Saturday 16th Mar

    Not for me. Call me a scrooge but don't get this glorifying of running on the pitch (regardless of age). Yes emotions were very high, but it will only encourage others sadly. I get it's not the same as some drugged up idiot running on during a game, but rules are rules. Stay off the pitch.
  4. northstander

    Match Thread Wolverhampton Wanderers - Coventry City [FA] Match Thread - Saturday 16th Mar

    Goal replays, crowd footage, and Clive's commentary on repeat today!
  5. northstander

    Match Thread Coventry City - Rotherham United FC Match Thread - Tuesday 5th Mar

    Crowd of 22,000 expected as per the Match day guide.
  6. northstander

    Match Thread Coventry City - Preston North End FC Match Thread - Friday 23rd Feb

    This was my initial thinking, but I say every time we play them that our abysmal record has to change at some point - so why not this time! Does feel like the stakes are quite high tonight too, so what better time to put the bogey team to bed and jump back into the top 6. Optimistically going...
  7. northstander

    Safe Standing Survey Email from CCFC

    I get your point. It feels like they're undecided on how to sort the South Stand at present, hence the trial tonight and reconfiguring away fans a few times this season. Once a decision is made there, things might become clearer. Safe standing could probably be implemented in stages too, so...
  8. northstander

    Safe Standing Survey Email from CCFC

    I voted the opposite. Surely it'd make sense to implement the safe standing in an area where the majority already stand?
  9. northstander

    Something urgent needs to happen

    "CoventryLive understands that the FA are aware of the incident and are reviewing it. That could mean a retrospective three match ban for violent conduct, if the FA feel an offence has taken place. In order for the FA to take retrospective action it must first establish from the match officials...
  10. northstander

    Home fans in South Stand v Preston - Trial Confirmed

    Doug would've been fuming seeing all those empty blocks in the south stand yesterday when the demand for home tickets has been so high this season. Will want to capitalise and sell as many seats as possible. Glad to see this being trialled, hopefully everyone can behave and the club listens to...
  11. northstander

    Match Thread Coventry City - Birmingham City Match Thread - Friday 8th Dec

    Yeah thought the same, though the bar has been horrendously low!
  12. northstander

    Match Thread Coventry City - Blackburn Rovers Match Thread - Wednesday 4th Oct

    Looked like he kicked it out of Wilson's hands to me. Was amazed the ref didn't blow straight away. Haven't seen it back yet though.
  13. northstander

    Supporters forum - 5pm Thursday 20th July

    With record ST sales and bigger crowds now expected every week, have the club spoken with the Arena about better ways to manage the flow in the concourse? A few times last season it felt quite dangerous at HT with long queues for food/drink and toilets overlapping and no real flow for people to...