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  1. SleepyGinger

    24/25 opening day team

    As it stands Dovin MVE Thomas Binks Bidwell Eccles Sheaf EMC Rudoni Wright Simms Wilson Latibeaudiere Dasilva Torp Allen Palmer Rapha Sakamoto Taveres
  2. SleepyGinger

    Transfer Rumour Ilay Camara

    Remember thinking our spending was almost done last summer then we dropped £9m on Haji. Wouldn’t be surprised if we did it again.
  3. SleepyGinger

    Transfer Rumour Oliver Dovin

    Hope people remember he’s 22 which is ridiculously young for a goalkeeper, he’s not going to be the finished article.
  4. SleepyGinger

    New kit thread

    Really like it
  5. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Think it’s because you say it about 6 times a day mate
  6. SleepyGinger

    Video Coventry players step up pre-season, Jay Dasilva gives BARISTA MASTERCLASS! ☕️ | CITY UNSEEN EP095 ⛫

    Must of been some carry job from Rudoni to win that 3v3 tournament with Burroughs and Di Trollio
  7. SleepyGinger

    Team Spirit

    Spirits seem to be high on the latest city unseen
  8. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    At this point last season we had a team of Wilson Moore mcfadzean Bidwell Dasilva Kelly Eccles Sheaf Hamer (who was always leaving) Allen Godden Gyokeres (who was always leaving)
  9. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Agree, if I’m being greedy possibly rb but I quite like Eccles there. Another good centre mid would allow us to play him there every now and then.
  10. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    I’ll be very surprised if Rudoni is deployed in holding midfield
  11. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Agree, possibly EMC over Sakamoto
  12. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    Big fan, suggested him on another thread if Luton stayed up. Assumed them coming down meant he’d be in their plans next year
  13. SleepyGinger

    It was a wind up

    Can we all agree he would of been a pants signing now
  14. SleepyGinger

    Emiliano Marcondes

    I’m normally very positive but this would be a shit signing, rather keep Palmer.
  15. SleepyGinger

    Emiliano Marcondes

    I reckon this is Saddle trying to leave some bait for that lad to take and put on twitter. If it’s true it’s pretty uninspiring IMO.
  16. SleepyGinger

    Getafe Friendly

    It’s at a small training complex in Valencia
  17. SleepyGinger

    rare home pre season game with Everton

    might be lost in translation but is that saying the game is on YouTube?
  18. SleepyGinger

    Callum O'Hare

    Fully understand players chasing the money but there’s no way that’s a good move for him
  19. SleepyGinger

    Callum O'Hare

    Sheff U fan
  20. SleepyGinger

    Summer transfer window 2024

    The recruitment team will be working hard behind the scenes. I’d rather take our time and get the right players, there will still be at least 4 more (including loans) in before the end of the summer IMO.