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  1. JimmyHillsbeard

    Reading too much into this or???

    I suspect this is because Ben Wilson is one of those people who when he sees someone pointing a camera instinctively gurns in front of it.
  2. JimmyHillsbeard

    New kit thread

    Cmon I thought you’d be ready to man the barricades with me. Blue shorts or we riot
  3. JimmyHillsbeard

    New kit thread

    White shorts are a disgrace. No amount of heritage bollocks can justify that. We had white shorts in 1986-7 only because the supplier (Triple s) let us down - the stripes weren’t even sky blue. We wore blue shorts for the cup games after the 3rd round. The relegation season kit’s white...
  4. JimmyHillsbeard

    Emiliano Marcondes

    Especially if we overlook Runar Normann, Martin Johansen, Thomas Antonelius (nee Gustaffsson), Martin Lawrentzon and Richard Spong.
  5. JimmyHillsbeard

    Getafe Friendly

    And the Getafe players tried to make a show of their anti-racist pledge in the following game by taking to the field in full black-face make up.
  6. JimmyHillsbeard

    Transfer Rumour Oliver Dovin

    Reice Charles Cooke would have caught that
  7. JimmyHillsbeard

    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    I may have mentioned “we’ll live and die in these towns” in the BBC radio coverage just now. 😉
  8. JimmyHillsbeard

    New kit thread

    Hope Mr Mcartney doesn’t get into hot water for posing for a quick photo that was always going to be leaked. Whoever took it might have at least blocked out his pass/photo.
  9. JimmyHillsbeard

    Squad Numbers

    John Hartson wore #5 for Coventry
  10. JimmyHillsbeard

    Louis Sibley:

    Well for instance here’s Andy Turner in the CT calling him a “like-for-like replacement” if Callum O’Hare left for Burnley in 2022 As for your second point I think we probably all...
  11. JimmyHillsbeard

    Louis Sibley:

    Has left Derby on an O’Hare. We were “about to sign him if player x leaves in the next window” for at least three season iirc.
  12. JimmyHillsbeard

    Transfer Rumour Alan Browne

    I like Andy Turner, and obvs relations between the club and media are much better these days but….. If he was remotely ITK would he have been as blindsided as us by Viveash leaving? Is there any indication that he saw that coming???
  13. JimmyHillsbeard

    Viveash gone

    He was also in a relationship with somebody who works for the club at Ryton. I really hope he’s not been sacked on the eve of preseason. Tbh he’s got some bridge building with the fans with long memories of what he said about us while he was at Villa (not his move, that was just a job upgrade...
  14. JimmyHillsbeard

    Transfer Rumour Oliver Dovin

    That’s a v strange error but somehow I feel less bizarre than swiping at the ball with your hand when it’s in front of you and missing….
  15. JimmyHillsbeard

    Callum Doyle

    Did anyone really need an update for either of these fantasies? I know it’s nice to dream but how deluded can people be?
  16. JimmyHillsbeard

    Callum Doyle

    Are people on crack?
  17. JimmyHillsbeard

    Callum O'Hare

    If only he was spending the summer playing golf around Warwickshire we could have a clear idea about his intentions eh?
  18. JimmyHillsbeard

    Callum O'Hare

    It’s admirable resilience in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  19. JimmyHillsbeard

    Callum O'Hare

    I was pleased he left our division. The other option was Leeds! Maybe MVE is leaving too?
  20. JimmyHillsbeard

    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    And Paul Hall on the bench.