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    Do you want to discuss boring politics?

    It all comes down to the Overton window and it varies by country and perpetually shifts over time. In the UK, the window has been tracking further right over recent years, and is considerably further right than most of Europe. Even though in Europe the window is also shifting right. For...
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    24/25 Set up

    I think he'll deploy the same trick he used in the League 1 title winning side, but with a different formation: Keep it tight for an hour with Shipley and Westbrooke at the top of the box. And then bring on O'Hare and Allen after 60 minutes. The influx of energy was too much for most teams. I...
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    Ryton looking great

    There's an argument to be made that a small 'homely' training ground has helped us foster the close unit and team spirit that we've managed to build under Robins and Adi. If any of you have seen the '99 documentary on Amazon where United were still using The Cliff training ground (shit hole) and...
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    Transfer Rumour Alan Browne

    I agree he doesn't do it regularly. But I think he's capable of it, and it's more down to the role he's been asked/forced to play recently. Last season, because he's so good, Sheaf has to pretty much do everything, and Eccles helps out. Season before, it was to free up Hamer as much as possible...
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    Transfer Rumour Alan Browne

    If this is not the epitome of a defence-splitting through ball, then I don't know what is.
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    Transfer Rumour Oliver Dovin

    You won't put a goal in there, 'cause he will hear our prayers, Gimme, gimme, gimme a keeper from Sweden, He came to join the City, And we stuck him in goal Gimme, gimme, gimme a keeper from Sweden, He'll stop you from scoring, His name is Dovin.
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    Moving House

    If you're saving 160k over 20 years, please tell me you're investing it and not just sticking it in a bank account, as you'll barely keep up with inflation. Stick it in a stocks and shares ISA, invest in global tracker funds, SP500 etc. diversify as much as you see fit. General rule of thumb is...
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    Player Valuations

    The thing that thwarts Sakamoto's value is his age, he turns 28 in October. No doubt he's probably more than doubled his value already though, and could maybe get £4-5 million if he continues ripping defences apart at the start of next season. He's probably not worth selling though for that...
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    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    Yeah, as it won't make much difference fee wise, we really should try and keep him for one more season. It seems like everything has been building to this season and having a real good go with a fully adept squad. And as Sheaf has been integral to the journey so far, it would be good to have him...
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    Transfer Rumour Marko Stamenic

    I think if we sign BOTH Stamenic and Browne then that has to be Sheaf on his way. Not necessarily just one though, we could be using money from the cup run and any residual money from the Hamer deal to fund this one. Especially if the fee is heavily weighted towards add ons and a big 'if we get...
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    Pre season to Germany

    Direct train to Stansted from Nuneaton, can be pretty cheap when booked in advance/split tickets too. As long as your flight is at an ok time.
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    When will people learn. IF Robins does end up signing Rudoni, it will be because he thinks he has the right attributes, capacity to learn the system(s) we want, and the potential to improve his performances, output, and therefore, his value. We don't sign finished articles, we sign rough...
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    Can he play as a forward? I'm thinking maybe in a more false 9 Joel Piroe type role?
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    Transfer Rumour Raphael Borges Rodriguez signs for Coventry

    Average at 20 is very promising indeed!
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    Bums on seats

    I was 11 years old and at the peak of my football nerd stage in terms of knowing everything about other teams' players (I could probably name less than 50, current, other teams' players in the whole world now 😅). I was obviously heartbroken about my favourite player, Huckerby, leaving. But then...
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    Season tickets for 2024/2025 season

    I know quite a few people who go a few times a season whenever any of our season tickets are spare amongst our group so the season ticket still gets used and they're stood with people they know. They will also pay on the gate a few times too, so never actually needed an account of their own. I...
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    VAR needs an overhaul

    Regardless of the implementation: For anyone who goes to games it's shit. For people watching on TV, it's exciting. As someone who goes to games, I've stomached incorrect decisions for years, and that's football. But having something taken away 2 minutes+ later due to VAR (even if it's...
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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Name like my Wi-fi Password
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    Are People Moving?

    It says it takes up to 24 hours for those moving for their previous seat to be released, so will be interesting to see tomorrow where they're mostly moving from. Although it looks like 14-16 are still popular, as they've made the end seats on every row available again that they limited the...
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    Home fans in South Stand v Preston - Trial Confirmed

    Agreed, if everyone who wants to sing and stand moves over, it's a no brainer to move. Only issue is if they don't realign their safe standing proposals to match this. Also, if this was to happen, there's bound to be a handful of unsuspecting people (who maybe are less au fait with social media...