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    Ya relegation looks to be looming. We need to start preparing for it. Things aren't looking good right now.
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    Premier League

    Ronaldo has been a beast, and Man u and chelsea closed the gap today. I still think that Chelsea will win it. They have some fire left in them.
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    when do u think we will have a woman manager?

    It will probably be awhile I think. Not being sexist, but I just really don't seeing it happening anytime soon.
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    Premier League

    Who do you think will win the Premier League this year. Its pretty close, and its a bit of a longshot, but I think that Chelsea will win it.
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    I was going to go watch it but some people said it was good while others said it was horrible. Decided just to not go in the end.
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    Xbox Live!

    Ya I think what I'll end up doing is end up buying PES. I have heard a lot of good things about it.
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    Xbox Live!

    I will soon. BTW I'm going to get a new football game soon. I own FIFA 07. Do you think I should get FIFA 08 or PES 2008?
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    Xbox Live!

    I don't have it yet, but I should have it within the next few days.