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    Summer transfer window 2024

    Was chatting to sheaf..must know each other from arsenal days?..
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    Da Silva

    Think his only position is left midfield..already taken..his positional sense is awful...
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    Liam Kitching

    Would like conor coady..all the attributes of a leader..only 31..
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    Sky Blue Song

    Milan Milan try and catch him if you can faster than my nan quicker than superman (no tune ?)
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    Palmer Suspension

    Don't imagine he thought it would mean him missing semi when said that?..
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    Match Thread Wolverhampton Wanderers - Coventry City [FA] Match Thread - Saturday 16th Mar

    If palmer booked today..does he miss semi final?..
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    Free Agents

    Frank moussa?..
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    Transfer targets

    Totally agree..just what I was thinking!@
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    Transfer targets

    Got to get there first!!
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    FA Cup Game on Ifollow

    Got it on astro supersport 2
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    Transfer targets

    Have we got a name?
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    Konjic/Wise song for Thomas

    Best shake his hand Or he'll put you in the stand..
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    Transfer targets

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    Sakamoto Chant

    Mother tell your children Not to do as I have done try and with dancing feet by the name of sakamota
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    Sakamoto Chant

    There is a lad named tatsu from the land of the rising sun Shoot or pass..he'll leave you on your ass then do it again for fun..
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    New Songs for players

    What about proclaimers..500 miles for sakamoto?..leave it to more prolific song writers for lyrics!!..
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    Match Thread AFC Wimbledon v Coventry

    Would have been away to chelsea!!
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    Is this his swan song??
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    Jake Bidwell - deserves a song

    Like that..short and sweet