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    Ndlovu's Kids

    Stoke Park by any chance??
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    Away Ticket Points Scheme Unveiled!

    730 but dont do away games anyway so irrelevant really!
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    The Coventry City Hit List

    Marcus hall was a year below me at stoke park and always played a year above his year so I played with him a few times, ironically I was left back in our team while Marcus played at either left wing or up front! Was very surprised to see him develop as a defender!
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    apple tv...

    Ordered a micro USB cable so I can give this a go in a day or two :)
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    apple tv...

    Didnt know you could jailbreak Apple TV?? Any links mate? Very interested!! :)
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    Big, bigger the biggest balls....who dares wins.

    I've read hundreds of threads on here tonight a lot of shit and bickering and that is probably the most sensible and constructive post by far! Well done, nail on the head in every aspect.
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    Match Thread? Anyone going up?

    94th minute winner for brentford!! There 2nd just shows the closeness of this league!
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    Team for tomorrow

    Good shout, my choice too!
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    Jay Tabb leaves Reading

    Did you even watch him play?? Tabb was a great player for us!! Have him back in a shot!
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    New manager syndrome

    That bury game still haunts me! Should have been 4 or 5 up at half time! Those 2 points dropped would come in very handy now! And that's without even thinking about the other 29 odd points we've dropped after taking the lead! Ggrrr!
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    New manager syndrome

    Winning the remaining 9 would put us on 83 points and at least 6 points clear of 6th place!
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    League 1 Champions?

    So whose your tip to win the league? Personally I think it's gonna be Doncaster! Best away record in the league and have been fairly consistent apart from the odd blip! Could so easily have been us if we'd learnt how to protect a lead!! Never mind! :)
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    steven pressley

    I'm not sure spellcheck can cope with that!! :) Thanks for the comments, we've played 4-5-1 for the majority of the season so were used to it! What didn't work for one team (ie Falkirk) doesn't mean it won't work for us?! It will be interesting for sure :)
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    Press Conference?

    There milking it on SB player first by the looks of it!!
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    next week!!!!

    Yep some apologies required if Jordan Stewart is confirmed today!!
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    Only downer tonight is...................

    I had Clarke 2-1 as well, do every game now!!! Came in at 65/1 at sheff utd! Almost at bury too, and again tonight!! Ggrrr!
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    Hadji or Chippo

    Hadji had that touch of brilliance, chippo was a harder worker, hadji just pips it!
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    90 minutes to score three goals!

    I've had Clarke 4-0 at 225/1 and baker 4-1 at 265/1 4-0 is 66/1 at WH :)
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    Paulo Di Canio

    Di Canio is certainly a feisty character and totally unpredictable but there's no doubt he'd have a huge impact on this club, I've a sneaky feeling he's gonna look at us and think we're something he'd wanna get his teeth into, only fear is I'd fear we'd be another stepping stone until west ham...
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    Coventry v Carlisle

    Interesting read!! He played for my old team Stoke Heath rangers and lived in potters green where I've just moved away from!! Spooky!!