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    Doug paid for a vegas trip?

    I'm flying to Vegas on Thursday. The Forcast high is 112 F. I've never been anywhere that hot in my life.
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    Slowpoke RIP

    Very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the tribute to him.
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    Most games in a season against the same team

    With Wednesday's league position, they won't finish in the top 6, but if they were pushing for playoffs, we could potentially play them 6 times in a season. Have two teams played each other 6 times in the sane season in the past 50 years?
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    Match Thread Sheffield Wednesday - Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 20th Jan

    The yellows have all seemed light. Thought we were the better team. Bidwell has been giving the ball away too often. Great goal.
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    Where will we finish

    Champion's League, then?!
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Leicester City Match Thread - Saturday 13th Jan

    It's on ESPN+ here in the US. Most bars with a few TVs should be able to put it on, if you ask. Assuming they are open that early.
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Swansea City Match Thread - Friday 29th Dec

    Not sure how Collins left the hole in the wall like that if he didn't have it covered.
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    Match Thread Coventry City - Swansea City Match Thread - Friday 29th Dec

    I think godden touched the ball twice all half, and he was offside once. Palmer, Wright, and Sheaf have been good. Tats has been very good. Looks like the defense calmed down as the half went on. Walsh good for them, buy he complains a LOT.
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    Player Ratings v Millwall

    Wow. We looked...good? That's the best we've played in quite a while. Collins...7.5. Other than one poor kick, I don't think he made a mistake. Van Ewick....7.5. Looked good getting forward and solid in defense. Thomas...7. A couple mistakes toward the end, but good otherwise. Kitching...7.5...
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    Match Thread Hull (A) Friday 15th September

    Jamaica play Tuesday night, local time, which is early Wednesday morning in England. They can fly back on Wednesday.
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    Match Thread ⚽️ Wigan Athletic vs Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 14th Mar

    I can see him being rested with the number of games and the cold. Nobody wants to see his hamstring snap in half.
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    Match Thread ⚽️ Huddersfield Town vs Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 4th Mar

    12 players might not be allowed, but maybe nobody would notice?
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    Eviction notice

    It would be a contract conditioned on Fraser completing the purchase.
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    Stop the clock

    If you want to see how this would work, watch an ice hockey game. It's basically the same concept as football, except a puck and sticks, rather than a ball. The game clock is 60 minutes and the clock stops when play stops. If the puck goes into the net at the very end of a period, they review it...
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    Current Status of Team

    When was the last time we've taken 22 of 27 points? I don't think we did during the season we won League 1 (but I didn't go through to check). Also, in trying to think where we actually need to strengthen, the only areas I can think of are RWB, depth at the back, and a stronger backup striker...
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    iFollow and supporting from abroad

    On, if you click on the game, it says the game is on ESPN+.