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  1. Corrado


    The IPTV service I use has just been taken down - does anyone use one they recommend that is still active? Thanks
  2. Corrado

    Surely Mark won’t go

    Favourite for the blues job....
  3. Corrado

    Anyone won the postcode lottery?

    Been playing for a year and won £10 a couple of times so down £100 over the year. just seen today’s winners are CV6 Longford! 30k each! Nice
  4. Corrado

    Harry Kane

    Has all ways seemed like a genuine “old style” footballer to me. a nice gesture!
  5. Corrado

    F1 Virtual Series

    Starts this weekend - I know there isn't much love for F1 on here, but its something different at the end of the day - I for one will be watching
  6. Corrado

    Next season Shirt concepts

    Sorry to link to the telegraph but someone has come up with three concepts. I feel anything is going to be a disappointment after this years tho. Sky Blues home, away and third concept kits for 2020/21
  7. Corrado

    Mark Meets Joy

    What are we thinking? What has he asked for? Mark Robins has met with Coventry City owner
  8. Corrado

    Wembley Par and Ride

    Can anyone offer any advise of where to park when driving to Wembley - (England-Italy game) Always got the train before but decided to drive this time Thanks
  9. Corrado

    Mascot places available now - have to be quick
  10. Corrado

    Another day, another murder

    Will knife crime ever stop?
  11. Corrado

    Streams for tonight

    Post any streams for the game tonight. Thanks
  12. Corrado

    Streams for tonight

    Thought I’d make this thread in case anyone was able to find a stream for tonight although it didn’t look promising. Doesn't appear to be any links for IPTV but someone may know more...
  13. Corrado

    Everton Hummel

    Everton fans are in meltdown with the rumour is Hummel will be making their kits next season - apparently they are now likened to a League 1 team because of it, and laughable that Liverpool get Nike and hey have to have Hummel. How very sad
  14. Corrado

    5 reasons

    They are at it again. Cringe 5 reasons why Vodafone's 5G Business Lounge at Ricoh Arena is a game-changer
  15. Corrado

    JSB Christmas Party

    Tonight if anyone had forgotten. Usually a good bash - my two love it anyway 17:30 - Warwick Uni
  16. Corrado

    100k tonight?

    Cov apparently get 100k if Maddison plays tonight.
  17. Corrado

    SBITC Charity Auction

    Now live on their facebook page. Some good items to bid for
  18. Corrado

    Home Kit back in Stock online now

    Incase anyone was waiting. Back in stock later this week instore
  19. Corrado

    Season Ticket Incentives

    When I bought the season tickets I remember reading something about discounts for shops etc - anyone have anymore info on this? Apologies if there is info in the envelope the season tickets arrive in as haven't opened them yet as have been on holiday. ta
  20. Corrado

    Catch 22

    Has anyone been watching it? I have really enjoyed it - comical moments and massively disturbing scenes all in one. I have finished the first series now and definitely recommend it.