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    Monday Summary & Thanks

    I've got to say on Monday, from start to finish, everyone played their part in the day and I'm never going to forget that day out at Wembley. The atmosphere from the train, to the Green Man, to the green park, to the ground, was just sensational. I had numerous texts from people at work...
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    Coventry Memorial Park: Radio 1 (4) Big Weekend

    Morning, long shot I know but does anyone have two tickets spare for sale for the Sunday 27th May of the Radio 1 (4) Big Weekend at the Memorial Park? Thank you! Pusb
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    England V Slovakia Tickets

    Got 4 England v Slovakia tickets for the 4th September for sale at face value (£35 each) of £140 for 4. Decent seats and all sat together. PM me if you're interested. PUSB
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    Regrets - RS

    Sat here this evening, full of regrets about this season. I think everyone is in agreement that we completely fucked up the summer recruitment and SISU need to get out immediately. However, there's one fatal error that is really getting to me...why on earth did we hire Russel Slade?? For me...
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    Fans Behind The Goal

    Considering people begged and cried for tickets behind the goal, you were utterly pathetic in getting an atmosphere going. Why demand to be sat behind the goal with Man Utd fans, and not make any noise? In the whole game a couple of half hearted PUSBs and In our Coventry Homes... Don't let soft...
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    Spare Northampton

    I've got a spare under 21 ticket for the Northampton game on Saturday, mate dropped out today, is anyone still looking for one? £18 face Pusb
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    Chesterfield Crowd

    Don't want to go into the debate, as I'm sure everyone's sick and tired of it but I was quite surprised on Tuesday to hear (or not to hear) Ched Evans get much stick at all really. Was sat in Block 17 and didn't hear one song about him. I did leave on 90mins and didn't see the Page challenge on...
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    The Truth

    There's been a lot of truthful/untruthful things said about Pressley and thought it's time he's given the praise and criticism he deserves.. 1) Pressley DID develop young players such as Callum Wilson and Christie (and improved Moussa & Clarke's game) Before Pressley joined the club, Wilson...
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    The Politics of Coventry City

    I can't be the only one that's feeling completley fed up with all the constant politics talk surrounding Coventry City? I miss the days of talking purely about the on the field aspects and Im sure many other people do also. We're the laughing stock of the football world, I cant believe how some...
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    Stuart Linnell

    Fairly confident that this stroppy, bigoted, employee of C&W has strong SISU persuasions/is an employee of SISU. Throws his teddy out of the pram at the drop of a hat, be it a caller knocking the formation or SISU, he immediately takes a sore tone and does his best to fire down that...
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    ANY 2 spare Walsall tickets?

    Only found out that I dont't have to work tomorow so I'm trying to get hold of two tickets for tomorow if anyone could help me out? will be unable to reply from 2pm-8pm today on here but will be on later, keep the faith
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    Pubs before the game

    which pubs? thinking of drinking around the city centre? How many have we sold for tomorow? quick couple of points 1) its gutting but we have to move on quickly, thats how football is, its done, lets move forward 2) lets get behind the team tomorow 3) SOTV
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    Standing Numbers?!

    Couldn't make it last night, still stuck up in Liverpool but managed to listen to the game, and sold my ticket on for face value. As a favour out of pure interest, could anyone tell me what sort of numbers we had persistently standing? I'm guessing about 1500 near the scoreboard, only a couple...
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    Drunk Spurs Song Help

    There was a bloke outside rosies on wednesday night singing this again and again: 'Eightttyy Seven, Remember the Year, Spurs left wemmbley in-fucking tears, We needed a knee-But who gives a fuck, We're super City, annnd we're going up Wondered if this is an old song I've not heard, or...
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    selling a ticket for arsenal

    one spare, lower tier right behind the goal- £30 :jerkit: messing, 10pound face value, have to pick up from earlsdon about 10pm tonight though
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    Arsenal Train Issues

    Has anyone else noticed difficulties with getting the train back after the game? (travelling to and from Coventry), Ive tried finsbury park and holloway road, and, for example, on the way back, The tube leaves finsbury park at 22:54 and arrives at london euston at 23:30, the exact minute 23:30...
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    Birmingham game:Cringeworthy/shameful moments

    Whilst i usually sit in the scoreboard corner and do sing, and think although we've got a drum, (which is always a sign of small time support) fairplay to everyone trying to make some noise, there really were some cringeworthy songs etc last night. 1)Ive arrived at work, not to be ridiculed...
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    Marlon's reception on saturday

    Does anybody think he'll get cheered? to be honest i think there was more to him leaving than sisu want to let on, oh well he's gone, but we'll miss him like hell,i personally won't boo the lad...ill sing though! cheryl coles a stunner,she wears a red gstring,and when she goes out clubbing,she...
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    Reflection on the day/MacDonald

    Contrary to the usual response of a player leaving a club, the vast majority of the Norwich fans on this particular forum, have been fairly complimentary about McDonald and sound disappointed to see him go;