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    Coventry City to draft in another striker...

    Rob Earnshaw again maybe?
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    Andy Morrell being linked

    Not sure about his style of football but decent enouugh record. I'd personally prefer someone who has gained experience in the lower leagues orr with a tight budget than someone with baggage like Phil Brown.
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    I wasn't sure that's why I was asking, and based on others opinions he's obviously not much different to Dunn.
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    I've not seen Lee Burge play but surely he would be a better shout than Dunn?
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    DAVID BELL grade 1 tear in his hamstring!!!

    He must have been loving it when the deal was on the table, even if he took a small paycut. I bet it would easily be over a million pounds over the contract!
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    Lee Fowler

    That's a blast from the past!
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    Arsenal Team Tonight

    I think Giroud may get his first goal in English football tonight!
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    Another Loan Player

    I think its five domestic loans, international loans don't count. I could be wrong
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    Another Loan Player

    Judging by my Derby mate, he is CMid or Right back, he said he's not too bad either. He did say to me Callum Ball was crap so he'll be half right.
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    Fantasy Football Question...

    I think the three Arsenal players will be in the team most weeks. Jenkinson has been doing well and with Sagna out should get a run in the team. Cazorla has looked class so far. Podolski like Jenkinson should be in the team most weeks. It'll be interesting to see if Ivanovic moves to CB or...
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    Brett Pitman

    I thought Championship teams were interested in him, good signing if it comes off!
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    Fantasy Football

    The league I've joined is 1167454-277919 for Cheers
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    Peter poloskei

    Hasn't he signed for Brum? I'll take Peter Piper if he can score some goals
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    Zavon Hines in talks today

    Was he at Burnley but got released due to poor discipline?
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    Paypal Scams

    Rich, like others have said sent it recorded, not worth the hassle, I got done selling a tomtom satnav, the bloke text me to say he'd got it working, waited to the end of the 60 days period to put a claim in, paypal refunded him as he said it was damaged. Gumtree might be the way forward for...
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    McSheffrey is our best striker & should start up front.......

    Not sure on the Freddie idea, but agree that Cody should be looking to be the top striker, I'm hoping Elliot will be half reasonable to L1 standard as well
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    Nick Grimshaw to Replace Moyles on BBC1 Breakfast

    Is that confirmed? I agree with 'Grimmy' being an annoying tosspot, ratings could go down the pan!
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    Which breed of dog should i buy?

    My parents breed working labradors and golden retrievers, never had any problems with any of them. Check the kennel club website for decent breeders.
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    Most famous person to ever Tweet you

    Xherdan Shaqiri, the lad from Basel who played against Man Utd and is joining Bayern Munich. I told him not to move to Galatasary or Turkey when he said he was looking at moving clubs as it would ruin his career and got abuse from loads of Turkish people for it!
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    Euro 2012 Betting

    Yeah I like a BTTS betting, won a few small accys last season. First games today, I'm going for Russia win, Poland-Greece under 2.5 goals, singles and double. Overall gone for top team scorers of Croatia Jelavic, Holland RvP, Sweden Ibrahimovic, Ireland Keane, Germany Gomez, France...