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    New kit thread

    Disgusting, it looks like it has a sanitary towel stuck to it.
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    I park at Tesco- costs £16 but you have to book in advance
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    Where were you...

    In my dads ball bag as I wasn’t born until April 88
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    Next season

    First priority is to get shit sorted earlier than last season and make sure we have a squad to take away for pre season. last year took far to long!
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    Weight and working out

    Ordered some Huel black edition and huel daily greens. anyone tried it? Any tips on how to use it?
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    Fa cup tickets

    BOOM! mine have arrived just now. hope i can stand up
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    Probably just over-glamourising other teams

    Since coming into the championship and Don’t get me wrong we’ve done well and I’ve enjoyed it. however, we do make things difficult and it seems like we got 1-0 down more than 1-0 up. why didn’t we get at Cardiff today from the off. Why wait until we’re 2-1 down
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    Callum O'Hare

    A massacre🤣
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    Fa cup tickets

    What will the mad hatters do now?
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    Fa cup tickets

    same here….I didn’t realise how many mates I had
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    Fa cup tickets

    no they haven’t. the gamble was to pay a little bit extra so the prices stay the same should we get in the premier league in 5 years. it doesn’t say you get priority over priority season ticket holders and sucked off
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    Unusual Events

    Late 90’s didn’t Pavarotti sing at half time? I was only young and remember a fat opera guy singing a Pavarotti song…. could be wrong
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    Fa cup tickets

    What makes you say that or is that a guess to try and be ITK?
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    Kain Ryan - new signing (academy)

    He’s not smiling!! send the lad back
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    Jay DaSilva Signs!

    for a start he shouldn’t be wearing pink boots and should have plain black. secondly, he should pull his socks up Start with the basics before you think you’re any good
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    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City Match Thread - Friday 1st Mar

    It always looks like we play with the handbrakes on and then it is released in 70 mins why can’t we just get at teams from the off then apply the handbrake and take control of the game at a slower pace when we’re winning? last 2 games against play off chasers were 1-0 down before 6 minutes!
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    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City Match Thread - Friday 1st Mar

    We’ve been shit since we beat Leicester and our style of play is getting boring and a box ticking exercise