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  1. matesx

    abstaining fans

    Just interested to know if anyone on here who has been boycotting St Andrews is having second thoughts? Encouraged this morning when speaking to abstaining colleagues that they are starting to think about it. Each to their own as always.
  2. matesx

    still nothing...

    ... to report? Its like a big white elephant in the SBT room.
  3. matesx

    Guess the crowd v Scunny

  4. matesx

    new shirt sponsor

    Announced tomorrow apparently. Another Coventry business. Any idea who it might be?
  5. matesx

    Bigger away crowds

    Just looking at League One sides for next season. Be good to have bigger clubs back at the Ricoh with decent to very decent away followings making for better atmospheres. Sunderland, Bradford, Portsmouth, Barnsley, Charlton, Peterborough,Luton and Bristol Rovers and Plymouth will bring a good...
  6. matesx


    inreresting to see her out in the open at the game. Clapping enthusiastically and appeared to be thrilled with proceedings. Surprised me.
  7. matesx

    Need a new keeper!?!?!

    Super Lee Burge not for sale!!! Hahaha fuxsake! :woot:
  8. matesx

    No tickets yet

    anyone else getting slightly stressed? thing is I have ordered for other people too, all getting anxious. Im fucked if I want to be in a 1000s long queue at a Wembley ticket hatch when i could be in the pub as planned. grrrrrr
  9. matesx

    Wembley revenue

    Be interested to know how much the club will make from this game. Is it a 50 50 split to both clubs on gate money regardless that we will sell far more? Anyone know?
  10. matesx


    So the stadium was just over half full? Hmmmmm
  11. matesx

    Play offs on TV

    Anyone know if the away leg is on the telly box?
  12. matesx

    Crowd for Monday

    i hope a good few of the absent fans come back to support the lads on Monday I will be disappointed with less than 10k
  13. matesx

    Crowd be interesting next week.

    Will the fans return to a winning side? I will be disappointed with anything less than 10k.
  14. matesx

    Vote CIaran Norris

    If you live in Cov NW. Sisu out independent. Good lad :emoji_thumbsup:
  15. matesx

    Predict the crowd

    Should be interesting this week. Surely a couple thousand extra?
  16. matesx

    Cov on Talksport now

    Should be interesting
  17. matesx

    Ricoh logo covered up at stadium

    My mate just drove past the Ricoh and tells me the signage on roof is covered up in black wrapping. Anyone heard anything?
  18. matesx

    Tim says...

    .Coventry City FC Chairman Tim Fisher said: "The football club is satisfied with the positive nature of the financial results; however, we are extremely concerned to be in the relegation zone at this point in the season. Irrespective of the size of the task ahead, League One status is the...
  19. matesx


    Hoping Millwall get Man Yoo take their eye off the ball for Saturday. I'll take any advantage right now!!
  20. matesx

    bit low key innit?

    Where's the beaming smile scarf above head photo? "Massive club" "Sleeping giant" booooooooo fucking shit