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  1. Calista

    Player Ratings

    Or Raddy Avramovic
  2. Calista

    New number one needed

    tbf you can see Collins gesturing to Thomas to clear it sideways. Did he do more than just gesture though, because if that's what he wanted he should have been screaming it too. Never did understand the people who thought Collins was miles better than Wilson. I would describe both of them as OK...
  3. Calista

    Bradley collins

    You and me both!
  4. Calista

    VAR needs an overhaul

    If they change the rule to the moment when the ball leaves the passing player’s foot, 9 times out of 10 it will disadvantage the attacking side. On this occasion the existing policy ruined our day though.
  5. Calista

    VAR needs an overhaul

    There are temptations in forever moaning that we were robbed, but Haji definitely looks offside from this angle. A couple of frames later and he's miles ON, but at this moment a line through Haji's left foot would take you roughly to the linesman's foot on the far side of the pitch. If anyone...
  6. Calista

    Peter Bankes needs investigating

    The opposite I think. You realise that if you move, Haji won't follow you?
  7. Calista

    Peter Bankes needs investigating

    I've often wondered how the minds of conspiracy theorists worked, so thank you for providing this insight.
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    I think you must be using a distorted mirror Torch
  9. Calista

    We NEED to appeal that.

    It has happened plenty of times under the old methods when referees get into lengthy discussions with linesmen.
  10. Calista

    Peter Bankes needs investigating

    Go to VAR
  11. Calista

    Match Thread Coventry City v Manchester United - FA Cup Semi-Final

    Are these the new lyrics then?
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    Peter Bankes needs investigating

    A perfectly sensible explanation for drawing of the lines was posted on another thread. As we look at it, the attacker’s toe touches the LEFT side of the red line, and the defender’s toe touches the RIGHT side of the blue line (hence being drawn over the boot). Any separation (no matter how...
  13. Calista

    Get VAR in the fucking bin

    On every freeze frame I've ever seen for offside decisions on TV, it's always the initial moment the player's foot strikes the ball. It's never the point of release (i.e. when daylight appears between ball and foot). The latter is more logical in some ways but if you changed it to that, it would...
  14. Calista

    We NEED to appeal that.

    You have a fair point there, and it would make sense if the goalward side of the blue line is the furthest point of the defender, whilst the non-goalward side of the red line is the furthest point of the attacker. Can anyone verify this? I actually hope you're right, because it would take away...
  15. Calista

    Best Sky Blue behaviour

    There are some legends among City fans. On the way back yesterday one guy was standing without support on a jolting train, holding a half-drunk can of Stella under his armpit, using his mobile with that hand, pouring out whiskies into paper cups for people with the other hand, and joining in...
  16. Calista

    VAR needs an overhaul

    I think that's how they always do it (moment of striking the ball rather than when it's left the foot). That normally favours the attacker because they are the ones running faster towards goal, but in this case it favoured the United defender. The issue yesterday was drawing the line in the...
  17. Calista

    VAR needs an overhaul

    People are forgetting what it was like before. There were huge amounts of injustices and mistakes, players getting away with blatant cheating, and in this age of technology the only people in the whole world who didn’t know a decision was wrong were the officials and players on the pitch. And it...
  18. Calista

    When is offside not offside ? (not more Semi-final debate)

    No, that rule has been in place forever as far as I know.
  19. Calista

    The banner

    Good job they didn't use your avatar
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    Fa cup tickets

    It's OK, lots of guys prefer older women