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  1. harvey098

    Torp or Hamer?

    Am I the only one that thinks Torp has been pretty decent overall? Even some of his little sub cameos he’s done well. He’ll get longer spells in the team but apart from Blues, where the whole team were off it, I don’t really think he’s done much wrong? In fact, I’d say he’s been good.
  2. harvey098

    Match Thread Southampton - Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 9th Apr

    will DM you… there is one in K’worth but won’t put it publicly. I would love to watch you trying to avoid going back to the hotel alone whilst using phrases like “single fit birds” though 😂🥴
  3. harvey098

    Leeds ratings

    Agree with all. Just an incredible team performance. Wright looked like a different player physically today… won headers 😱 and showed strength and heart. If we do miss the playoffs, it’s still been a heck of a season with some memorable days with today just pipping Leicester for me.
  4. harvey098

    Match Thread Coventry City - Leeds United Match Thread - Saturday 6th Apr

    Yes, I want another Carling on fanhub please
  5. harvey098

    Slowpoke RIP

    Sorry to see this. He left him mark on this forum in a positive way. Strength to you and your family x
  6. harvey098

    Help needed

    Sorry to sidetrack but whilst we're here (I didnt want to make a new thread for a similar theme)... Is there anywhere I can leave my car near cov train station overnight (after the game saturday and pick up sunday)
  7. harvey098

    Recruitment has been shocking

    If the insinuation is anything to do with race, I think it’s very clear that’s bollcoks - you seem to be on the morally right side of any of those arguments historically. Also you also had a long hatred of Maddison, Hamer, Robins etc so I think it’s more of a rubbish ability to spot talent as...
  8. harvey098

    Callum O'Hare

    I had doubts but he stuck his head in where he knew he’d get a kick against wolves and that settled any doubts about his commitment for me
  9. harvey098

    Honey I'm home

    You have the restraint of a monk to not have checked..
  10. harvey098

    Match Thread Wolverhampton Wanderers - Coventry City [FA] Match Thread - Saturday 16th Mar

    I watched that at Heathrow airport about to get a plane to vegas with some of my best mates for my stag. I don’t think I’ll ever have a better day (wedding included).
  11. harvey098

    8 years ago

    I know it’s weird but I enjoyed that season as much as any other we’ve had before or since, strangely as much as the actual promotion seasons. I think it was the first season in my lifetime we were consistently challenging at the top of a division. Now it’s two a penny - boring!
  12. harvey098

    Lati song 👎

    Is there anything you like about the club, players and / or life?
  13. harvey098

    Ex Player Watch

    The year is 2040… Richard Wood is still playing regular league football. I swear he was an experienced veteran when he signed for us about 25 years ago
  14. harvey098

    Match Thread Watford FC - Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 9th Mar

    I said on a thread the other day that weve been spoiled by success.. this thread is conclusive proof. What the fuck is wrong with everyone!! We’ve just won away from home to go a point off the play offs. Why are you even looking for any negatives - it’s incredible and I’ll be celebrating...
  15. harvey098

    Top 5 Goals of the Robins era

    Crazy how fast things change… at the time it felt an accomplished to be matching MK Dons, never mind beating them.
  16. harvey098

    Kelly must start every game

    I’d quite like to be there for the erection
  17. harvey098

    Kelly must start every game

    Actually, I guess we always have that photo. That’s what will be immortalised
  18. harvey098

    Kelly must start every game

    I also find it strange that he isn’t more revered.. any player that has been with us from league 2 to the championship play off finals (and scored his pen) should be immortalised really… but I get the feeling he won’t be hugely remembered in years to come.
  19. harvey098

    Kelly must start every game

    What’s amazing about Kelly is he can be out for weeks and come straight back in, play the full 90 and look effortless. He was one of the most important players at the back end of last season, I thought that was his swansong.. could he do it again? 🤔
  20. harvey098


    Terry is one of the best acts in the country and I’ve worked with pretty much every “famous” comedian, he’s in the top 1% of live acts. He was with me in Balsall Common on Saturday and took the roof off… he’s performing at my night in Coleshill on Friday too and I can’t wait! I’ve only just...