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    No more domestic ifollow

    I wouldn't expect that to change. All matches this season, including those on sky, get the full replay on ifollow. Think this will only apply to watching live on ifollow.
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    Fa cup tickets

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    Match Thread Birmingham City - Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 13th Apr

    Must have been a bit early on this tweet then!
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    Fa cup tickets

    Last time I checked QPR tickets weren’t on sale, though that may have changed now.
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    Fa cup tickets

    Yep. They will have considered the points mark they have used here to ensure that everyone within it could get a ticket if they wanted. Otherwise you could potentially have people on 500+ points not getting a ticket which they wouldn’t want to happen.
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    Fixture chaos

    The matches for that weekend (April 20th) that are chosen for Sky haven't been officially announced yet, have they?
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    Palmer Suspension

    Completely agree. Just seen a lot of misinformation about what he received the first yellow for! The rule could have essentially meant getting two yellows across 6 matches (if 3rd and 4th round go to replays) means you're banned for a semi-final. Madness.
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    Palmer Suspension

    He was booked in the match at Hillsborough, not the replay.
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    Palmer Suspension

    He didn't get his first yellow for that. He got it in the Hillsborough match.
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    Doug King Interview

    Seem to have had a Cov day on there today. Robins was on the morning show briefly with Jeff, and Sheaf will be on this afternoon.
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    FA Cup Semi Final Draw

    I think whichever match Man City are in will be the Sunday game now.
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    The Club Shop

    I did initially think there was a chance that off the back of that incident the club did a re-order for this shirt which has now become available, but then I would have thought they would have mentioned that with the release.
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    Wolves tickets

    I am seeing that now and can find tickets in them.
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    Transfer Rumour Ellis Simms

    I think it's actually more of a decision thing than a first touch with Simms. I think he actively looks for a quick knock down to someone to progress, but sometimes gets the direction wrong or the recipient doesn't expect it. A lot of times he manages to trap the ball fine, the second half...
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    Sakamoto Injury

    I’m in 22, and saw the ref staring at the player for a long time while van ewijk was waving at the bench.
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    Sakamoto Injury

    Problem was the ref wasn’t calling them on. Our players can wave as much as they want, but ref has to wave them on and he took far too long on both occasions. Fitting for the rest of his performance really.
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    Watford tickets

    And to go alongside that, for the Plymouth game the allocation was 1739 and the first point bracket was moved up to 1300+.
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    Watford tickets

    Which you would assume most will, leading to probably quite a few people ending up on 2000 points by the end of next season (if the top are currently around 1940).
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    Watford tickets

    I was under the impression those people will lose only a maximum of 70. Lose the 300 for CCM with season ticket, get 230 with season ticket for 2024/25.