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  1. Bugsy

    Ex Player Watch

  2. Bugsy

    Injury thread 2020-2021

    The only person I see at the moment who's clinging on to his word is urself...PUSB
  3. Bugsy

    England v Denmark

    We will get spanked by the belgians if we play like we have in those 2 games
  4. Bugsy

    Match Thread Solihull Moors Away

    Any news on the line up yet..PUSB
  5. Bugsy

    POLL. Your predictions

    I'm going for midtable, think our setup will be hard to beat, I predict lots of draws with a few good wins...PUSB
  6. Bugsy

    Djokovic Disqualified

    Great shot
  7. Bugsy

    Match Thread MK Dons (Away)

    Take the ball, pass the ball, doing it the Mark Mr sky blue Robins way... PUSB
  8. Bugsy

    Match Thread MK Dons (Away)

    Definitely black and white photo of the home kit
  9. Bugsy

    Match Thread MK Dons (Away)

    Good to see Rose on the bench
  10. Bugsy

    Wilson on the move

    So potentially 3million nice ...PUSB
  11. Bugsy

    Seasons Expectations Quiz

    League Position. 16th League Cup. 5th Round FA. Cup. 5th Round Most goals scored. O'Hare Goals conceded. 52 Most League Appearances. Marosi
  12. Bugsy

    What would our starting 11 be next season?

    Was thinking more of taking out Hillsner for him tbh but other than that great looking team.. PUSB
  13. Bugsy

    What would our starting 11 be next season?

    Would have Allen at least on the bench... PUSB
  14. Bugsy

    Match Thread MK Dons (Away)

    Away on International duty
  15. Bugsy

    Favourite current player ....

    Dabo for his energetic displays last season and hoping for big things this coming season and Jordan Shipley because he loves the club came through as a kid and gives his all in any position he plays ...PUSB
  16. Bugsy

    Messi leaving Barca

    True lol, the top 6 to 8 will be more competitive this season I reckon thou.
  17. Bugsy

    Messi leaving Barca

    Fair doos at the winners of the league but got to admit that champions league places Europa league places and the relegation places are competitive
  18. Bugsy

    Messi leaving Barca

    PL is one of if not the most competitive league out there
  19. Bugsy

    Match Thread Sky Blues v Boro (double header)?

    Has he been sold or mutual agreement..
  20. Bugsy

    Match Thread Sky Blues v Boro (double header)?

    3- 2 skyblues, baka 2 and jones