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  1. Glenn Storer

    Nathan Oduwa A "flick" too far or a good bit of entertaining skill? I personally thought it was fair enough and was a foul on him at the end there! If this was in a foreign league it'd be all "Oooh look at this!". No reason why he can't do it against Sunday...
  2. Glenn Storer

    Bradford Coach

    Hello chaps, Got tickets for Bradford this Saturday, there's 4 of us going and we WERE booked to go on the SBA but they've had to cancel the coach last minute through lack of numbers, the official coach is full, Hen Lane isn't doing one and the only one I've tracked down only has 3 seats... :(...
  3. Glenn Storer

    Today's Sun Football Rumours page

    Anybody else catch the tiny little bit about us supposedly closing in on a season long loan on Jordan Obita from Reading? Bit out of the blue that one. Not sure what to make of it. :pimp:
  4. Glenn Storer

    Could be worse lads... At least we're not that shower of shit.:pimp:
  5. Glenn Storer

    Sigh of relief. Thank fuck we're staying "local". Coulda been that con artist.
  6. Glenn Storer

    Breaking News - Clouting Leaving Club

    According to reports on CWR Clouting has left his role at CCFC, more to follow. Confirmed.
  7. Glenn Storer


    If the blood, piss and sweat on the floor don't scare you off, perhaps the mysterious mirrorball death trap will!
  8. Glenn Storer

    More money for Fester,,11688_7175630,00.html
  9. Glenn Storer

    I'm Rich, Handsome and a Great Player - Cristiano Ronaldo on why opposition fans hate him. You forgot c...
  10. Glenn Storer

    The Ruski's Are Coming!..Or Were At Least. Interesting. We could have had Putin as Chairman.
  11. Glenn Storer

    Telegraph Article about Derby Trouble Asking for witnesses who saw what happened, will forward the email I sent to CI Blakeman, Mumford you should too mate.
  12. Glenn Storer

    FBI To Probe Scarlett Johansson Oh, very well done America. Spend some of your security budget on looking at Scarlett Johansson's funbags. Got any jobs lads?
  13. Glenn Storer

    Flags, Banners, Surfers Guidlines,,10269~2448775,00.html Some of you will have seen the comments on CovMad, but what are SBT saying? :claping hands:
  14. Glenn Storer

    Andy Turner's Verdict

    "STORM clouds gathered over the Ricoh Arena and a tempestuous atmosphere turned ugly during a first half overshadowed by violence in the stands as supporters clashed with police and stewards. In scenes reminiscent of the bad old days of the 1980s, City fans reacted to a heavy-handed and...
  15. Glenn Storer

    Carl Baker - Derby Goal

    Would like to congratulate Carl on his goal today and extend condolences to him and his family, clearly insipired by the memory of his brother as he said on Sky today. Hopefully he can kick on and re-capture some of his Stockport form for us.
  16. Glenn Storer

    Gael's Celebration vs Derby

    If anyone can find images from Sky of that celebration I'll be your new best mate! :)
  17. Glenn Storer

    CCFC Vs Derby, Crowd Trouble

    Really quite disappointed that a lot of people, Sky included have insinuated that today's flare up in Block 16 was due to City fans. I was in amongst that right from the very start and can hand on heart say that A) If the SISU out banners and chants had not been stamped on by stewards City fans...
  18. Glenn Storer

    Le Fondre Second Bid Refusal

    CWR are reporting that the Sheffield sister station are broadcasting reports that City have had a second offer for ALF refused. Doesn't bode well for SISU leaving if they're bidding for players still.
  19. Glenn Storer

    No More Crisp Bowl! Crisps will now be part of the legacy team instead...
  20. Glenn Storer

    SISU - Love 'em or hate 'em?

    Okay, so I'm hoping the S word doesn't set everyones hair on fire in this forum and that this isn't a question mooted every 5 minutes by a new comer but: SISU? Are you guys as polarized as I am about them? I just can't seem to make my mind up. Bear in mind, I'm including the current board in...