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  1. @richh87

    EFL to end season this week - City likely to be promoted

    Exclusive: Leagues One and Two abandoned, clubs to vote how...
  2. @richh87

    Fantasy Premier League ️️️

    The Premier League is back a week today, and I've set up a fantasy footy league on We're each chipping in a tenner for the prize fund, and there will be cash prizes for Manager of the Month, and the Champions. I'll confirm the breakdown of the prizes once I know how...
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    Coventry United - is it time to get behind them?

    Just seen this article in the Telegraph. It seems they are making great strides. My only issue with them is that when they were created they said that they were NOT a club formed in protest against...
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    SISU v Leeds' prospective new owner...

    Can't help but be worried for the Leeds fans with their proposed new takeover; but it made me think - who would I rather owned CCFC, SISU or Cellino? The BBC have written a good piece on the guy's history. He seems nuts, sacking 35 managers in 21 years, but has the success of the club at heart...
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    Clarke deal complete

    Can't even muster a smile. Also, why is his name on the front of the shirt? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Aaron Martin to sign??

    We've wanted him for ages. Could this be it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    3 MK Dons tickets for sale

    Hi All, Three of us now can't go to the game on Saturday at MK Dons. Is anyone interested in going? (£15 each). Private message me if so. Sorry for posting it on here - seemed the only place to post it. PUSB Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    How long do we wait to form a breakaway club?

    Two questions 1. Could you support a breakaway team to play at the Ricoh if the club remain in Northampton for 5-10 years? 2. How long should we 'wait and see' before forming this new club? For me it's 1. Yes. 2. Form one for the start of next season. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk -...
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    'Jimmy's Hill' protests having the desired effect!

    Sky Sports just went live to the game at Sixfields, and the reporter said "you may be able to see a lot of protestors on the hill in the background, protesting that matches are being played here in Northampton". "They have been making a RACKET throughout the game!!!". It seems the gantry they...
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    Do your all to make the Ricoh gate huge today

    I've managed to convince 5 family members to come with me today - and am working on more. Today is a landmark occasion. If you care about Coventry City belonging to the City of Coventry, then today is the day to show it. Today will go down in history. Be there with as many friends and family...
  11. @richh87

    Telegraph confirm bids... Three parties have confirmed they have officially bid to buy Coventry City out of administration. Among them is what is believed to be an entity related to hedge fund Sisu, which owns Coventry...
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    'Fit & Proper' is the key

    I think our real focus needs to be making sure that the Football League realise that SISU are NOT FIT & PROPER owners. There are countless reasons why they aren't suitable owners of a football club. If we can convince the FL of this, then the golden share won't get transferred to holdings, and...
  13. @richh87

    'Highfield Two' SISU desperately pulling at the heart strings of City fans!
  14. @richh87

    Marlon King on a free transfer

    Birmingham have told him to find a new club. Would you have him back? Could it happen?
  15. @richh87

    Swindon vs Coventry Matchday Thread

    Come on City - let's start climbing the league! "Boom-boom".
  16. @richh87

    Ball & McGoldrick were brilliant today...

    ...think we've found ourselves a proper partnership there. No more talk of sending Ball back thanks. His passing was sublime and he made the ball stick upfront while being very mobile.
  17. @richh87

    You have to feel bad for Thorn

    He assembled this squad and they're undoubtedly talented - as tonight shows. 5 games played, W2 D3 L0 - what crisis?! :cool:
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    This Forum can decide the next City Manager...

    ...This Forum now has so many members that we can really affect the Club's thinking when choosing a new Manager. Just viewing a thread last night I noticed that there were just over 500 people viewing it. If we can all come to an agreement on a Manager then the board are likely to go with it -...
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    All Thorn stuff aside...

    We don't have a single player worthy of being captain. This is a big problem for such a young squad.
  20. @richh87

    Keogh bid accepted