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  1. skybluedan

    Xbox Scorpio

    Xbox Scorpio games, specs news: ULTRA settings no problem for Project Scorpio Couldn't see a thread for this , so here what do we think?
  2. skybluedan

    Anyone had any experience with Range Rovers

    Hi guys the greedy Mrs has just had a fiat 500 for mothers day in a big red bow and all ,but is also keen on a Range Rover sport,she's been after one for a while so will probably give in I have been asking peopl about them and most reports are usually something bad, before I fork out on one I'm...
  3. skybluedan

    If you could meet and hang out with?

    Anybody be them dead or alive celebrity/world leader /anyone for me Deffo Bob Marley
  4. skybluedan

    Pissing in the bath?

    Was having a bath tonight, and the Mrs came in ,while I was chatting to her she noticed I was a having a piss while lying there as you do and she starting telling me it was disgusting and she never does it. see to me she is the weird one as she said if she needs a piss she gets up and gets on...
  5. skybluedan

    My invention

    i reckon someone has stolen my idea, a few years ago I thought about gloves in the winter that had a hard tip on so you could use your phone without taking them off and low and behold seen a pair in the shop today some fuckin bastard got there before me.....
  6. skybluedan

    Beta testing fifa15?

    Hi guys Had an email from easports giving me an invite to test fifa15 online seasons starting on the 21st August anybody have any idea what this is ?bit confused as the game don't come out till end of September
  7. skybluedan

    Cannabis legalise or not

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are now it seems things are gathering pace worldwide with weed. There is even talk over here in jersey about it being made available for medicinal reasons
  8. skybluedan

    Suing. Appleton or the football league

    Could anyone sue any of the above? Ie Appleton for not doing his job properly knowing what is what and where after his long investigation or the football league for not noticing the fuck ups? Any ideas????????
  9. skybluedan

    Richard Keys a rogue baboon?

    Ok mr keys where is this fuckin so called takeover erm 10 days utter bollox,you have been sprouting shit you no nothing about, gone quiet now you fuck wit aint ya. cant believe this fuckin hairy fuckin bastard has had me fooled with hope. Fuck...
  10. skybluedan

    city of coventry stadium

    if sisu do get there grubby little mits on half the stadium does that mean they will be entitled to half of the 50 mil that is supposed to be made from the name change and the olmpic football that will be on show at our club?
  11. skybluedan

    What school did you used to go to

    What school did you go to, or still do for our younger members? I am a radford boy through and through and went to hill farm then coundon court anybody else on here go to these?