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    1987 Cup Final

    ITV4 are showing a one hour programme of the 87 Cup Final this Saturday afternoon.
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    Change of Internet Browser

    Been using Internet Explorer for a long time now, but as it appears to be no longer supported, alternatives offered are Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We have Windows 10 but no idea which one to change to. Any advice (for old codgers like us) would be appreciated.
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    Sky TV Subscription

    Does anyone have a phone number for Sky (preferably not premium rate) so I can speak to them about my monthly subscription. This month they have put the bill up by nearly £15. I know my current subscription was due to end, but they didn't give me any notice about the rise. Have tried Live...
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    Coventry Sphinx v Coventry United

    Caught this on BBC News tonight. Local game in the early rounds of the FA Cup this Saturday 3pm KO. Cov Sphinx ground is just off Stoke Green I think. Might be of interest if anyone is at a loose end this Saturday, particularly if the Bolton game doesn't go ahead.
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    Car Parking for official coach travel for St Andrews

    Have booked season tickets for official coach travel to St Andrews. Know I have already done this subject to death but missed the first game of the season as couldn't sort out car parking for the coaches in time. Would reiterate that we are both 70+ and can't walk very far (last couple of...
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    Sky TV/Netflix

    Got full sky TV package (plus BT broadband) and considering getting Netflix now as there quite a few programmes on there we fancy watching. Thought we might drop Sky Kids (never watch it) and Sky Movies (don't watch many films) to save some money, then get Netflix instead. With Sky Movies is it...
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    Next U23s Game

    CCFC U23s take on Birmingham City at the Ricoh on Friday 1st March KO 1pm. Free admission plus free car parking.
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    Luton Away on Sky

    Game now confirmed as Sunday 24 February 12 noon kick off. Live on Sky Sports.
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    U23s to be played at Liberty Way

    Had printed out an U23s fixture list last week, showing majority of matches at Alan Higgs Centre plus the 5 to be played at the Ricoh (including yesterday's). Now a replacement U23s fixture list has been produced, showing games to be played at Liberty Way in future, apart from one at the Alan...
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    U23's Match at Ricoh

    Thinking of going to U23's match v Burnley at Ricoh tomorrow. Not been to one there before, can anyone give us details, where do you go in, which stand is open, where to park etc. Many thanks.
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    Sutton United Pre-Season Friendly

    The kick off time for this match has been brought forward to 1pm. To do with World Cup matches and whether England might be also playing that afternoon.
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    Any injury news/updates before Saturday's match?

    Anyone heard whether Willis has recovered ready for Saturday? Heard he was ill for the game against Morecambe. At the moment the Willis and Davies pairing would be my preferred choice at the back against Notts County. Also Jordan Shipley who went off injured? Hopefully no other...
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    Kwame Thomas

    Kwame Thomas' contract with City has been cancelled by mutual consent. Appears he will be staying at Solihull Moors.
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    Josh Barrett doubtful for Saturday

    He was due to be available for Saturday but has had a virus and also been in hospital over Christmas for a non-football related medical issue. He has only trained with us once since he arrived and appears to be struggling to be fit for the weekend. Great news isn't it. Mind you, this has come...
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    Rod McDonald to leave in January?

    Apparently several clubs have been monitoring Rod McDonald, in particular MK Dons and Shrewsbury Town. For me he has been outstanding this season and one of the main reasons we have conceded so few goals. A potential Player of the Season if he stays. Come on City, we have struggled for so many...
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    Any ticket entry problems today?

    Know it is a bit early and not many fans will have gone in yet but are there any problems getting in so far? We are ST holders and last round we chose to have the tickets added to our ST cards. However when we got to the turnstiles they said that wasn't happening and we had to go and queue in...
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    BT Sport

    Currently got full Sky package including Sports. Noticed that the Ashes cricket over the winter is exclusively on BT Sport. Being big cricket fans gutted it is not on Sky too. Anyone got BT Sport and if so would it be worth paying for it on top of Sky?
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    Rod McDonald Injury

    Anyone know yet what injury McDonald has sustained (if that is what has happened to him, nobody is really saying) and how long is he likely to be out for?
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    SKY Q

    Have got a full Sky subscription with a 2TB box. Sky have now written to me offering me a SKY Q 2TB box with no additional rental (pay enough already!), just a set up charge, but minimum 18 month subscription. What does SKY Q actually give you, over and above the standard box? Is it worth getting?
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    Checkatrade Trophy Final DVD

    Coventry City have confirmed that the DVD of the Final is about to enter production. Release date to be confirmed. All a bit late in the day, final was in April! A lost opportunity in my view. (Will probably still buy it though)