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  1. deanocity3

    CCFC Quiz

    marshall and eccleston I think
  2. deanocity3

    Coventry City legends team

    we couldn't get a keeper for first game, and Bussty ask me to play, 5 down in 20 mins,bloody hell ...waited 56 years to get my chance to play for CCFC too
  3. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    we come under the family zone banner but only within our area on concourse,once they enter the stand the stewards take if the tickets say sitting in family zone so be it.but the family zone volunteers have no control once they leave the concourse.we are situated under block 26 when...
  4. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    no worries Malaka, good to back on the forum after a year away
  5. deanocity3

    Coventry City legends team

    cheers Moff
  6. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    well the complaint was in the stand and not under the stand so to completely different areas. family zone is area under the stand for kids we have nothing to do with us once your in the stands sitting down.
  7. deanocity3

    Coventry City legends team

    Just to let you know we are taking booking for next year May through to Aug for any charity that wishes to play the Coventry City legends team.This year we have played four games and help raise several thousand pounds for local causes.We have had the likes of Dave Bennett,Claus Jorgensen,David...
  8. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    The family zone is run by unpaid volunteers who are just trying to bring some enjoyment to the matchday experience for the kids. ie playing games and meeting current players.
  9. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    Cheers Nick
  10. deanocity3

    Family Stand

    just to get the facts straight we are talking about the family stand and not the family zone. we have not had any trouble in the FZ and have stewards nearby and make sure children are not on their own.The club has told us that there was incidents in the family stand of bad behaviour by some...
  11. deanocity3

    Gordon Milne

    in the 1972-73 season we lost 11 of the last 12 games of the season,many managers would have been sacked now.we kept faith and rightly so,a good man manager.
  12. deanocity3

    Tickets for Coventry Film Night

    Bars open and serving hot food,There's a shop at Fargo selling CCFC nostalgia products who will also be there on the night.
  13. deanocity3

    Coventry City Film Night

    any idea whose doing the film show?
  14. deanocity3

    I need to write to Steve Waggott over this......

    pay the junior rate, after all anyone who is 15 now and gets a ST now will be 16 at sometime during the season but won't be asked to pay more. as Nike say 'Just do it'
  15. deanocity3

    Venus and Clapham Join

    boring fact is that Mowbray,Venus and Clapham were all at Ipswich at the same time,but all three only appeared together in one match,a defeat at Everton in 1999
  16. deanocity3

    No expense spared then ?

    We need a name for the station ,Im going for Oggy's stop
  17. deanocity3

    How old were your kids....

    I have the details in the loft think green got 2 goals
  18. deanocity3

    Ann Lucas

    enough said