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    Booing of team... some thoughts

    Adge il never boo a Coventry player il probably moan, shake my head and groan to show fustration when simple passes get misplaced but I'll never boo. I used to boo at the wrestling though when I were about 8 or 9 years old if that helps.
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    Booing of team... some thoughts

    People who abuse or boo there supported teams players I find dumb, what do you gain from doing it? You pay all that money to follow a team and not be positive or cheer them on to do well even though there having a stinker you stick by them Support them. Boo the ref or the opposite team by all...
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    Strange transfer activity?

    I can see why Robin's got a centre half in if you do the maths of the amount of players per position we have with cover, plus I've gone and watched the u23,s and there a good side with a settled team winning which I can't see many league 2 teams having such quality youngsters which are adequate...
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    Roll Call for Villa

    Threads like this make me cringe even if it's just for abit of fun as you say,,, Probably because I don't really care about any other team bar cov and don't jump onto the rivalry with other clubs, if anything most clubs are laughing at us for being in league 2 wether we're top or not. I get the...
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    New Trialist - Owain Jones

    I went today and I must admit he looked quite a good player for the first 20 mins when he were on, clever feet a lil bit of pace about him he slotted in just behind Thomas and ponti. Then he played a stray pass which went to a Bolton player and had a chance through on goal where he should of...
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    Next 6 Fixtures

    Unbeaten up until Xmas then slump after without a win all January then the odd win and few draws and finish just outside play offs, We also find out mark Robin's has got a secret half brother called Tony mowbray Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Pre Season Gallery / Greg Moorhouse on Trial

    I really did think moorhouse would sign. I'm guessing Robin's has been impressed with how good this current crop of young lads are from last seasons u18,s that he won't sign players who he thinks may need more time to develop before first team football. Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Final Transfer Market Dealings

    Turnball and Reid will go. Pearson will sign he can play cb or rb Moorhouse I think will sign and play mainly right side of the forward three Then I think Robin's will go in for another CM, LW and a striker Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Call it now...

    Arsenal Reading Bradford Coventry Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Advanced Version of Name the Player

    Ive worn Copa mundials and world cups since I were a kid, I hadn't played for several years due to working weekend shifts changed jobs got the boots back out and got the Mick took out of them,, Apparently there referees boots now Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Jordan Lussey on Trial / Training

    Looks like he suits one of the 2 holding player roles in midfield, if good enough be in competition for a place in the side with Doyle, Kelly and Stevenson Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Transfer Rumour Former player in talks with us! - Courtney Baker Richardson

    I'm questioning the actual realism of this rumour sounds like a made up story taken too far and latched on to a player no one's really bothered about to cover up,, One of lifes lessons I guess never play guess who with a random guy on a football forum Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Transfer Rumour Former player in talks with us! - Courtney Baker Richardson

    Was he Dutch? Looks like his keeping his knee together with plasters Sent from my Lenovo A1010a20 using Tapatalk
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    Transfer Rumour Former player in talks with us! - Courtney Baker Richardson

    I personally think it's Jay bothroyd I believe he's been in Japan past 2 years and was in the process of signing a pre contract again for the same Japanese club, but rumour has it he had been having an affair behind his wife's back but there still together so the wife may be telling him to...
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    Transfer Rumour Former player in talks with us! - Courtney Baker Richardson

    Looking at the clues given and players mentioned plus took out players who I think is a no go i.e not good enough or would be a waste of time someone like manset I've whittled it down too.. Jay bothroyd Frank nouble Simeon Jackson Shaun Jeffers or Courtney baker Richardson Just for my own...
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    Transfer Rumour #CARLBAKERDAY

    I like baker got quite good skill and turns but lacks that couple of yards of pace especially when in the championship, but that said he probably has my vote on the best performance in a game at the Ricoh against Birmingham I think it was in Richard Shaw's first game in charge he were fantastic...
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    Ben Stevenson - Brentford

    We wont know if any of the deals have been negotiated decently because there undisclosed, we as fans can speculate all we want what figures and add ons we get but no one has seen any facts on paper of any transfer fee's expect fisher and venus, could be very good add ons, yearly fees etc.. on a...
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    Ben Stevenson - Brentford

    Another way to look at it in sisu,s prospective is the tax year ends in april and im assuming the accounts need publishing around the same months so january falls at a perfect time to claw back loses with sales and investors to see the accounts figures in the green. (thinking away from football...
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    Ben Stevenson - Brentford

    Shoot me down for this but sisu's thinking with Stevenson is most probably sell now for 2mill plus add ons because what sort of fee can we command if we dont sell this window and we get relegated to league 2?
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    £6-7m sale price?

    Just a thought from my above post, I don't know too much about wasps set up, but a hear that mayb be hedge funded may wrong, even if they couldn't afford us what's stopping from loaning a minium amount to buy the football club then the wasps board selling both teams for big bucks making there...