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    If a last minute Ricoh deal was done?

    Of course, I am still praying for this along with the rest of us. What will happen to the people who have parted cash and picked seats at sixfields?
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    Kirk stephens

    No he took ages!
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    Kirk stephens

    The x cov and luton left back
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    Kirk stephens

    It is the ex cov player prob spelt stevens
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    Kirk stephens

    Kirk stevens has just laid me a new driveway, the ex cov player
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    Big white elephant

    Wtf will become of the ricoh now,? Surely cant survive on its own , 3 years of a few concerts and that will go under with the club.
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    Final roll of the dice

    Could this be one last attempt by SISU to push ACL into a corner , so they provide a deal that is acceptable for SISU. I simply cant see how either parties can survive without each other.
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    This episode has been painful but necessary

    some of it is, but hoping that hes is right and acl -sisu do last minute deal
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    Reminds me of that c**t nick griffin
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    Confirmed northampton

    Slow death , time to bereave. satadays with the missis gets worse
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    a couple of concerts outdoors and some trade events.I wonder if a offer sisu cant refuse is on the horizon
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    What the fuck will happen to that, surely cant survive on events alone. Will the f.l take this into consideration?still cant believe we will be playing at sixfields. In denial.
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    Season tickets?

    I know what your saying and everyone has their own reasons not to buy or buy. For me , One of the main reasons is to go with my 14 yr old son, bit of father son time. If he stops going for say 4/5 years then he will be 18 and will have lost the bond you get with the club at that age and city...
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    Season tickets?

    when is the earliest possible time they would go on sale, based on playing at Ricoh which I would be shocked if that wasnt the case. I have paid direct debit which made life easy, prob not going to get the choice. I wonder how many pay that way and if you cant , will you pay up front or not...
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    Nene Park

    Load of bollocks, went past it earlier.only sign put up was for car boot sale!
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    Nene park

    definately easier, go past there for work. Peace of piss, about 30 mins from junction 2
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    just been said on CWR

    Need to get a life mate ifit ruins your weekend and your wifes
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    CWR Phone In

    Second that, poor bugger. How we wish we had a JH now.
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    CWR Phone In

    That fecking laugh of yours Linnell, always annoyed me. Gould is top man , full of passion.
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    Not much sympathy from Walsall

    Them no ,but wouldnt have a problem with walsall, or the baggies