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    Mark Robins asks City Fans to be patient

    Robins has the right to ask for us to be patient, trouble is that after nearly 60 years I have lost count of how many mangers have asked for the same thing! I do think this guy however will be given the time a) because he deserves it and b) because we have no other option. I reckon that there...
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    Good Luck

    You can't beat Beatty's
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    First Sky Blue hero

    Got to be George Hudson followed by George Curtis. Stopper
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    If Phil Brown arrives...

    The only guy I would be completely satisfied with in our present predicament is Eric Black. I guess that ain't going to happen so I will just have to accept who ever it is that turns up! Its the old addage beggars cannot be chosers. Stopper
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    Fisher: Why Andy had to go

    Fisher sounds committed to me. This statement makes alot of sense. It was time for Thorn to go he just wasn't up to the job full stop. Stopper
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    Alternative managers - who then?

    It is nice to see that positive thinking is alive and well and living in Coventry! Stopper
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    Rugby lions!

    The ground is owned by the Council so they will decide what happens to it. Sad day for Rugby. Stopper
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    Keogh, I just don't get it...

    They obviously made an offer they couldn't refuse! Stopper
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    Were to MASSIVE for league 1

    Surely this is just somebody a bit bored trying to stir things up a bit? If not you have just called the devil! Stopper
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    Thorn: Has Jennings on trial.

    Wasn't Denis Wise diminutive? Stopper
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    New signings

    Willy Humphries. Ronnie Rees, George Hudson, John Sillett, Ian Gibson etc etc These were the players we signed the last time we were in this division. Stopper
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    Blatter now says Goal Line Technlogy is a "Necessity" after Last Night!

    How long have we been calling for this goal line techology? Some would say since 1966. FIFA is always behind the game and always take far to long to make any decision. I do feel a little sorry for Ukraine but only a little sorry. We suffered from a much worse decision against Germany two...
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    We dont ask much

    SKy Blue 64 - Couldn't agree more. They must of thought that they could get us to the promised land quick and then they make loads of money. However they never invested anywhere near enough for that to happen. So they simly did not know enough about the game. So in the end they made a hugh...
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    Breaking News from CCFC....

    It would be okay if we could see a way out of this situation butttttttttttt we are where we are and we need to learn to eat humble pie! Stopper
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    Let me ask a question?

    I think what is missing is charismatic leader to galvanise support. A young Jimmy Hill for example. This will be my 58th season coming up but I'm very disallusioned and even I need a reason to believe things will improve! I just don't see it at the moment so apathy rules I'm afraid. Stopper
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    Email From Dan Walker

    Who knows? I remember Woolworths saying every thing was hunky dory 2 months before it went bust. I guess you have to ask yourself "do you believe that the club will go into liqidation"? I think there is at least a 30% chance that it may happen so after over 50 years of supporting the club I am...
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    Legends in the Header?

    George Hudson full stop
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    I'm not complaining, but what does this achieve?

    It would be okay if they had a decent pair of jugs between them! Stopper
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    Takeover ? This is for real this time

    Administrator - IS this Prince guy for real? I suspect not! Stopper