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  1. Londonccfcfan

    League one Friday/Saturday

    Come on Rochdale!
  2. Londonccfcfan

    8 Games in 32 days

    Between 28th Jan. Fleetwood (a) and 29th February; Sunderland(H). We play 8 games in 32 days! Games coming thick and fast. Playing Tuesday/Saturday almost every week! Point is we really do not need a replay in the fa cup! Which would be another game 9 games in 32 days would really stretch our...
  3. Londonccfcfan

    Ipswich town

    Played Exeter in the EFL trophy today. Lost 2-1.. Exeter made 10 changes from their team whilst Ipswich were relatively strong. They havnt won a single game in their last 12 matches since early November. One of the huge early favourites for promotion. Wheels truly falling off. They are...
  4. Londonccfcfan

    Doing the football league 92 with Cov

    Hi All, Im one of the lucky thousands of Cov fans who have followed our club during some of the Premier League inception days right down to the days of hopefully never repeated League 2 (Morecambe etc). Some games I just wish I went to (Spurs away to stay up final day of season). Some of my...
  5. Londonccfcfan

    Sunderland (Away)

    Cant wait for this one! What will be the away allocation! Ive just booked my flights £70 quid return From LHR, much cheaper than train!
  6. Londonccfcfan

    Barnsley (Away) Tickets

    Just two weeks away when do these go on sale?
  7. Londonccfcfan

    Unforgettable season

    Been busy framing...something to remember the mostly good and bad times.
  8. Londonccfcfan

    I’m Sorry Burge

    For all your minor faults. What a save! And how well did you command your box with those punches! I was wrong.
  9. Londonccfcfan

    Penalty takers friday night?

    You would think they will be practicing these all week. Who would be our our first 5? Assuming they on the pitch after 120 mins. Another thing MR has to factor in. My order would be All about bottle and nerve. McNulty JCH Kelly Shipley Doyle Bayliss Rod Reid Definately not
  10. Londonccfcfan

    Are we going up?

    Very simple thread no need to elaborate too much, a simple yes or no would even suffice. Just trying to gauge after 2 defeats and 1 point from 9 what the mindset of our fans is as it stands, as other results have given us a lifeline. Do you feel promotion in your bones? Is it our destiny to...
  11. Londonccfcfan

    Crawley away

    Anyone else having problems logging in to account?
  12. Londonccfcfan

    Possible play off semi final dates May 2018

    The dates have been announced for the finals: But not for the play off Semi finals. As Coventry fans we have watched numerous but probably havnt taken notice of the possible dates. Going by previous seasons the set up is likely to be as follows. and in all likelihood be the following dates...
  13. Londonccfcfan

    Its a Mans League

    The following is an extract from an article today in Swindon advertiser quoting Flitcroft. “You look at what Gareth has built over a length of time and he has got real men in his team. There are no projects, there are no young players, it’s a case of real men to do men’s jobs,” said Flitcroft...
  14. Londonccfcfan

    Micheal Doyle - Captain fantastic

    A big shout out to Doyler , who currently (don't want to jinx it) the oldest player in our squad is the only ever present in the league! One of the most influential and one of the first 3 names on the team sheet according to many including me. Massive having him as a leader! was what we lacked...
  15. Londonccfcfan

    February - Make or break month.

    After our two remaining home league fixtures this month Swindon and Cambridge at Home. Minimum 4 points required. Sod the cup game as far as I’m concerned that is not important in the slightest other than a pay day and decent day occasion. This looks like season defining month. Playing 5...
  16. Londonccfcfan

    Exeter Player ratings

    Just got in after a three hour 180 mile journey. Managed to calm myself down after a decent but disappointing performance (Draw would have been fair result they didn’t deserve to win). After a shaky first 15/20 , they maybe should have been 2 nil up due to defensive miscommunications blunders...
  17. Londonccfcfan

    December points

    After a disappointing October (5points from 5 games) and November (5points from 4 games). We really need to get back to the 2 points per game average, to set up for A challenge on the top three and move up the table. December fixtures and my points prediction. My heart tells me we could win...
  18. Londonccfcfan

    Robins Summer Signings

    As we have now played over a third of the season and we have seen the majority of the new signings play a decent amount of games. I thought it would be interesting to rate the summer signings. Who's impressed you and who's dissapointed. Liam Obrian - 6 ....Hasn't really had a proper run apart...
  19. Londonccfcfan

    Match day superstitions

    Was just wondering do any of you have any unusual match day superstitions? We have have some obvious ones: Sit on same seat if doing well. We don’t buy away match day programme as whenever we did in the past we lost and I end up throwing it away! We don’t park in certain areas ie north of...
  20. Londonccfcfan

    Rascist behaviour from a Coventry fan

    a bit shocked and disgusted by this. Make your own mind up...