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    Android Users

    Those that still give a shit after tonight, A very good App for latest score is "live score" on market place. Also supports smart watch. It's that good it was giving me goals notifications before the goals went in watching on sky!
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    *** pop **

    Just when we thought it was finally going to be our season it all goes tits up It's hard being a Cov fan, i'm not blaming anybody but just totally frustrated the way things are going. I'm starting to wonder what a did so wrong in a previous life to live with such torture
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    Well, they might just be our rivals again next season

    Have to laugh looks like it might just be their year :)
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    Great start but....

    Only two games into the season and some on here think we have won the league already. Yes it's a great start and I really hope it continues but let's see where we are after xmas before getting too carried away
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    I know vile aren't really our rivals anymore but....

    I can't stop cringing.......
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    So we need one point

    To stay in league 1 (div 3) away to Crawley? I had to read what I just wrote 3 times. Yes, it's another what has become of our club thread but really WTF?
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    Job Done!

    Job Done time for a cider! Happy St George's day all :)
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    Almost a taxi

    Season 2018-2019
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    CCFC Christmas jumper

    Yes the wife just bought me one. Quality looks and feels good. Looking forward to wearing it once the weather turns
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    Coventry City in the 4th Division

    I'm 47, whoever thought I was going to see this in my lifetime? A sky blue for over 30 years and I'm staggered to the depths we've sunk to. I don't know the answer to our problems but us fans don't deserve this
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    Don't see what the problem is?

    Sounds like Sisu were given first refusal but as per normal they even managed to mess that up. CCFC can still play at the Ricoh and we have a new landlord that might turn out better all round. We play on Saturday andWasps on Sunday and as long as the pitch holds up then I really don't see a...
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    FA to dock coventry City 10 points

    Apparently Sisu registered the business as a football club but we've been reported to trading standards for deception
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    I'd like to apologise....

    For having a very valid opinion about a club I've supported for the last 36 years. It's a sad day when the admin mafia feel the need to intervene in a pro/ anti Sisu discussion after all that has happened. This forum never used to be like this :(
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    Censorship!!!!!!!!! Is this board now hosted in China?
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    England games

    No sign of a Sisu out flag yet, come on lads get your act together!
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    Aresnal FA Cup

    People have been worried on here about us have no strikers fit for the game but imagine what they are going to do to our non existent defence! I will however be watching on TV however painful it's going to be. Hope they then go on to win it so we can say we lost to the winners.
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    BT Sports

    How refreshing these once two great clubs are getting great coverage on TV for once. Sky could learn a lot from BT Sport about covering matches outside the premiership
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    This forum has become boring

    Not because of the posters but because we have no new news of hope coming out of the club and a massive wave of apathy washing over the fans. Looking forward to happier times here in the non too distant future
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    Best post match Curry

    Obviously when we played at the Ricoh Has to be the ocean jubliee crescent. Fantastic food reasonably priced and friendly staff.
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    Ron Atkinson celebrity BB

    Just gone into the house and said he managed some of the best clubs in the country and he included cov amongst the likes on manu. Yeah he was shit but good to get a mention on national TV Before anybody slates me its the wife watching it ;)