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    Got to my 5k this week running the local grassy footpaths. Checked it using the Google Earth measuring tool (I’d checked this tool against the university running track and it was spot on) which in turn showed my Fitbit to be way off. My two problems are I can’t run if its warm. It has to be...
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    Bands And Artists You Like Or Dislike ?

    Agree with this, I like a wide range of music. Some I dislike intensely and consider it talentless but this of course is subjective so labelling something shit is purely a unsubstantiated opinion and has no merit beyond that. Also always annoyed me this oneupmanship on liking obscure bands and...
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    Not using Cash since lockdown

    I have an honesty box outside my house for selling eggs, fruit, plants and other produce. Obviously always cash. I also buy stuff from other stalls using cash - small beer I know but it all adds up.
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    There you have the dishonesty of the man in plain sight. Double-think at the double. This will give those who want to break the lockdown the excuse they need.
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    Just started the NHS Couch to 5K programme. (Couch to A & E in my case maybe) Found the motivational Laura very good until it leapt from the 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This was too great a leap for me as an older runner so I’ve gradually built it up by 2 minutes at a time. Just got to 25 minutes...
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    Coronavirus Thread (Off Topic, Politics)

    The Stay Alert message worked for me. I was walking down the street and spotted a Coronavirus coming towards me. I managed to hide behind a tree and it went right past. It was a near thing. Stay alert, stay safe.
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    Self Learning Thread

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    Chants of old...And new

    Really old one - who art thou? who art thou?
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    Supermarket shortages

    I think they price match brands anyway but I just like the shop - bright and airy, never seems crowded and lots of high quality and ethical stuff.
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    Supermarket shortages

    Yes, read a joke somewhere that Waitrose had brought in new restrictions and were only delivering to people who lived in council tax properties F and above. (Must admit actually like shopping in my local Waitrose)
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    Coronavirus Isolation - TV Shows to Binge

    Handmaids Tale The Promise Detectorists Homeland Last Tango in Halifax Lots of the Scandinavian dramas were top quality
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    Supermarket shortages

    Waitrose has always practiced social distancing :)
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    Seriously struggling today

    That’s nerd immunity right there
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    Supermarket shortages

    Yes true and I suppose the determined hoarder will go round several times. I haven’t thought this through! Also favour the strong who will build retaining walls of baked bean cans to contain stacks of loo rolls etc.
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    Shall we have a lock in ?

    The average number of legs per person is less than 2.
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    Supermarket shortages

    How about no trolleys at supermarkets, baskets only?
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    Good films to watch for the situation

    Yes, probably one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen.
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    Good films to watch for the situation

    10 Cloverfield Lane