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    Who’s at work/Not at work?

    Yep, we manufacture hospital cleaning products and anti-bacterial goods. 24/7 at the moment as you can imagine, and I’ll say this, it gives enormous sense of pride knowing you’re making a difference and the workers want to make a difference. Efficiency has never been higher and stuff going out...
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    Robins post match/mcallum sale

    Sell him, bring Mason in and buy a proven scorer at this level and top 2 it is.
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    If you reversed the roles and Brum were ground sharing with us and this happened outside wheatsheaf as an example the same thing would happen. I get the Roost welcoming both sets of fans, they’re a business and want as many punters in as possible. I just think out of respect, cov should of...
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    I was on about the lad in hospital.
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    Was this lad who got jumped chanting Birmingham’s a shithole.? Until we know the full facts we don’t. He may have been a random lad that was attacked for no apparent reason
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    FA Cup 5th Round

    I too think we’ve missed the chance to go through, hope I’m wrong. FA cup is gash now, remember as a kid you’d start watching the build up from 10am. One of my earliest recollections was watching scousers being pulled into the ground having climbed half way up.
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    Match Thread Fleetwood Town vs. Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 28th Jan

    What’s the M6 like on a Tuesday? Contemplating driving up straight from work but finish at 4pm
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    Which I why I won’t be walking through Digbeth at 10pm at night, not a Chance. I value my life more.
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    Unfortunately incidents like yesterday happen. As for Birmingham, any hooligan book you read they all rate Birmingham zulus and they are nasty bastards. I hope not but as for the replay, I think the fuse has been lit.
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    Maddison sale

    If we could get 6 good players all costing 500k each, I’d say we’d be one of the favourites to go up!!! It’s time for SISU to invest in this team with the buzz in Coventry as a whole at present.
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    Season ticket sales

    The issue I have, I’ve slowly got the buzz back and so has my brother ( we tend to go away rather than Ricoh) Is we are now playing good football to watch and the results are starting to come, however, we spoke on the phone earlier about getting season tickets again but if the squad is sold off...
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    Whilst I see what you’re saying to a degree but wasn’t that the same team that took us down to league 2???? You’ve answered your own point of not getting it.
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    Songs with substance...

    Tottenham or Chelsea, United - would all more than likely beat us. Doyle does give the ball away. Our accents are not exceedingly rare. Biamou doesn’t score when he wants. I’ve never walked in a Robins wonderland. City never make me happy when skies are grey. Stand up if you love city - I...
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    Biamou Bets SBT vs Grendel

    I’ll admit, the second leg of the play-off I put £50 on Notts county to win. The lads at work thought I was mad but my explanation saying that if someone said to me give me £50 and Cov will be in the final I’d of snapped there hand off. If they lost I’d have a good month of going out to drown my...
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    Being local lads don’t make them legends. Clearly struggled at league 2 level and would never play at league 1 level. Saying that, I really hope they find clubs and wish the pair of them nothing but best wishes for the future.
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    So who’s not going to Wembley tomorrow?

    To be fair, you could actually do that and it still made sense. Well spotted that man haha.
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    End of season review

    McNulty Notts county away The football we are now playing Wembley play off final Grimmers goal 3-0 Doyle- captain fantastic what we’d be crying out for No disappointments- we achieved what we had to do in the most glorious fashion.
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    DVD release date?

    Wonder if you can get it for half price if you just ask for the 2nd half.?
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    So who’s not going to Wembley tomorrow?

    Tickets were still on sale on the Friday, you could of went still surely
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    Biamou Bets SBT vs Grendel

    Personally I think he will struggle for game time but if he was to leave, I’d never have a bad word to say against him on the basis of his performance away at Notts county. The early goal settled us and being at Wembley on Monday was down to a huge contribution from him.