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    When does next season start?

    That’s very true, and towards the end of the season it may well start to show amongst some teams. The important thing is to hit the ground running as the rest of the league will already be raring to go.
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    When does next season start?

    We’re going to have to get our pre season spot on as we’ll be disadvantaged from the start. Along with Rotherham, we’ll not have played competitively since March - that’ll be six months if the season starts in September. Championship clubs are about to get 9 league games under their belts taking...
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    Just a thought about next season.....

    Had forgotten about Wasps. Being the owners of the Ricoh they will be in massive deep sh!t now. With every conference, exhibition, trade fair, concert and sport event cancelled the consequences will be disastrous.
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    Rick Parry is a moron

    I’m sure you’re right. It will be really messy if the National League and below have to wait for the EFL to finish if they’re raring to go and get some much needed paying customers through the gates.
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    First ever CCFC memories ?

    December ‘77. People think that amazing game was on Boxing Day, but it was actually on the 27th. We’d drawn 1-1 at Villa the day before!
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    Rick Parry is a moron

    Where does a "promoted" National League team go if the EFL hasn't started because this season is being completed no matter how long it takes? And how would an eventually relegated League Two team from a much delayed EFL season drop into a National League that was already up and running? What a mess!
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    Chants of old...And new

    West End boys, we are ‘ere....
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    McCallum Sky Sports Special

    Sky have links with the Jamie Vardy Academy as they’ve been following its progress, and Vardy is with the same agency as Sam.
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    City v West Ham 1981 Semi Final Video

    Yes I know there’s a section for these, but this is big! After 39 years waiting to see the TV highlights of this epic night (previously there was only a fuzzy 2 minute vid of the goals), someone’s recently put it on YouTube. What a night!
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    I’ve definitely got Utd on my list, and confidently thought there wouldn’t be many others who could say that - sure there were only about 150 City fans there when we beat them 1-0 in the League Cup in the early 80s. I seem to have forgotten the mere 10,000 City fans there in 2007!
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    Mock the week

    Apologies for all the empty tables. Tim Fisher booked this hall at the NEC because he thought 7,000 would turn up.
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    Losing for Dummies - Rotherham (a) TLS

    This made me laugh but I fear for your life if she ever reads it!
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    Favourite football ground that no longer exists (excluding HR)

    My memory of '70s away games is that every ground seemed to have a scrap yard near the away end!
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    Transfer Rumour Incoming - Callum O'Hare - Season Loan

    Only just saw this and very excited by it. I’ve followed Callum’s career over recent years and the lad is class. Had hoped this might happen as Villa’s promotion and recent spending has made it harder for the younger players. He was outstanding at Carlisle last season, - Man of the Match on...
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    Video Under 18s Match Highlights - Sheffield United 3-4 Sky Blues

    Clubs film academy games for analysis purposes rather than “match highlights” so tend to shoot a wide angle for a more general overview of gameplay and positioning. Doesn’t work so well from a fans point of view though.
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    The problem with the Ricoh

    Looked alright to me. You young ‘uns don’t know yer born...
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    Fans yesterday

    Sorry mate, didn’t mean to offend. I remember games when our away support has been pitiful over the years (United away in the early 80s springs to mind) but don’t really associate that Sheffield Wednesday game as being too bad. But to be honest, I have difficulty remembering my own name...
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    Fans yesterday

    I went to this one and I’m sure there were more than “less than 100” fans. Upstairs in the Leppings Lane stand and it was raining wasn’t it?
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    Tim said we are moving to rugby

    Anyway, with respect to the OP, if Fisher had really said this today at the game to a " bunch of people " it would have spread like wildfire and be all over social media by now. I smell BS.
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    Tim said we are moving to rugby

    No way Butlin Road could be extended to 9,000. The only real space for a decent size temporary stand is behind one of the goals but that would mean sacrificing a 3G pitch which surely wouldn't happen.