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  1. Covcraig@bury

    Concept kits

    Sloganite is a site you might be on about
  2. Covcraig@bury

    The worse thing about next season-

    I think we will do better than most people on here think. Staying up is a must even a bonus so let’s not be negative. Onwards and upwards PUSB .
  3. Covcraig@bury

    The new flag designs...

    I agree with a flag to show our appreciation for George and John , Jimmy Hill and Mark Robins , can we not have both ?
  4. Covcraig@bury

    The new flag designs...

    And when he’s gone ?
  5. Covcraig@bury

    The new flag designs...

    2 TONE is part of our DNA .. everyone knows Coventry connections with SKA / SKY BLUE / CATHEDRAL’S . So for me it’s a combination of ALL . Do we really need a picture of Robins ?
  6. Covcraig@bury

    The new flag designs...

    None for me , cheesy as fuck all of them .. Back to the drawing board me thinks
  7. Covcraig@bury

    Mark Robins - Sky Blue Army - Flag

    Quality . It needs to be 10-20 times bigger
  8. Covcraig@bury

    Ipswich Fan In Peace

    Play at St.Andrews and bleed the pesky insects of any revenue that they are desperately in need of from us .. With any look they go bump and or fuck off back from where they came .
  9. Covcraig@bury

    Next season

    I am looking forward to buying a season ticket IF we are playing at the Ricoh . If we are not then I will continue to pick and choose games . Not that I would go to the majority of them through over commitments.
  10. Covcraig@bury

    The racist video

    Not sure who or what this was about but in Broadgate last night 2 black men with knifes was surrounded by cov fans until the police arrived and arrested them !!!
  11. Covcraig@bury

    Playing in our city

    Totally agree with the glass but most would just stamp on the pesky f##ker. On the other side I know we could play hard ball to their demands . Eventually they will break and offer us a reasonable deal . They need the money to survive as much as we do . Our own ground would be the ideal scenario...
  12. Covcraig@bury

    Playing in our city

    I don’t care who’s head it is , it needs doing !
  13. Covcraig@bury

    Playing in our city

    Now we’re up I hope that all stops are pulled so we can get back in our City and play football . Wasps , Sisu and the Council need to have their heads banged together and sort this out .Lock the door behind them until a resolution is agreed . This could be the start of something special with...
  14. Covcraig@bury


    I think I shall mainly be havIng a few cold wets or ten .happy days everyone . Remember drink awareness , There in the fridge . PUSB
  15. Covcraig@bury


    It’s not official yet !!!! Calm down
  16. Covcraig@bury

    Happy League Champions Day

    Don’t say that FFS . This Makem knows what’s coming , and he’s going to get a one from the grave ( Jimmy Hill )
  17. Covcraig@bury

    Happy League Champions Day

    I’m in a meeting with a Sunderland season ticket holder . This could turn out to be a really great day ... awaiting news to rip the piss out of the fucker ... happy days
  18. Covcraig@bury

    Who is looking forward to playing the villa

    It’s got to be the Vile away for me . Great day out . Train to Witton station , taking over the witton pub . The atmosphere we generate inside and outside the shit hole . Then the fun and games queuing to get the train ( good old days ) . No love lost full on .. Bit older now so will leave the...
  19. Covcraig@bury

    Young city fan dies

    God bless you R.I.P this season is for you xx